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"Lost eh? Or are ye just looking to see what chambers and secrets Candlekeep holds within it's walls?  Well, what better place to find what ye seek.  Feast thine eyes upon this map to see the many locations of Candlekeep and what treasures each room holds...".

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Candlekeep Forum Candlekeep Forum - discussion groups for the Forgotten Realms.

Candlekeep Site Map

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The Candlekeep Compendium The Candlekeep Compendium downloads - collated Realmslore PDF's
What's New? This page provides expanded details of new additions to the site.

What's New on this site

Details of updates and new additions to the site.

Messages from the Scribes

Site\system messages and announcements from the Candlekeep (Archived).

The Parchment Archive

News items from 'What's New' for previous years are found here.
Alaundo's Library The main page of Alaundo's Library showing the different sections within.


This section contains various Realms articles from official sources.

The Scribe's Gatherings

Official Realms articles, documents and text extracts produced by TSR\WotC.

Bards Rumors

Articles written by WotC people such as Ed Greenwood, on Realms matters.

Travelers Notebooks

This section contains unofficial Realmslore developed by the fans.

Various Unofficial Lore

Unofficial Realms articles created by fans to aid people expanding campaigns.
FR Netbooks A collection of Forgotten Realms Netbooks containing various detailed lore.
Shrine of Milil Collection of fan-created songs, poems and other works of entertainment.

The Map Room

This section contains maps of the Forgotten Realms world.

Maps of Abeir-Toril

Everything from maps of Toril, the Sword Coast through to the Utter East.

Campaign Mapper Files

Maps created for use with Campaign Mapper are linked to from this page.

Wondrous Treasures

A general section containing various material which may be of use.

Computer Software

Links and downloads of fan-created Realms software, campaign utilities etc.


True-Type fonts to enhance your documents or webpages for Windows PC's.


Character Sheets, Spell Book Sheets and various campaign goodies.

Voting Booth

This page links to past voting results and, if available, current voting forms.
Tethtoril's Bookshelf The main page of Tethtoril's Bookshelf to link to Realms product pages.

RPG Products (5th edition)

This section lists all Forgotten Realms 5th edition D&D role-playing material released by TSR\WotC.

RPG Products (4th edition)

This section lists all Forgotten Realms 4th edition D&D role-playing material released by TSR\WotC.

RPG Products (1st-3.5th edition)

This section lists all Forgotten Realms 1st-3.5th edition D&D role-playing material released by TSR\WotC.

D&D 5th edition Core RPG Products

This section lists all core D&D products for 5e which contain FR content.

Web Enhancements

Information and links to the WotC site for Realms 'Web Enhancement' downloads.


This section lists all Forgotten Realms novels and stories released by TSR\WotC.

Single Novels

Links to information pages for Forgotten Realms stand-alone novels.


Links to information pages for Forgotten Realms story anthologies.

Trilogies \ Series

Links to information pages for Forgotten Realms series collections..

Collectors Editions

Links to information pages for Forgotten Realms collectors-ediion novels.
Online Fiction Links to WotC fiction for novel accompaniments or unpublished novels.


Links to information pages for Forgotten Realms comics.

Magazine Articles

This section lists all articles from magazines relating to the Forgotten Realms.

Dragon Magazine

Links to an index of Dragon Magazine Realms-specific articles.

Dungeon Adventures

Links to an index of Dungeon Adventures Magazine Realms-specific articles.

Polyhedron Newszine US

Links to an index of RPGA's US Polyhedron Newszine Realms-specific articles.

Polyhedron Newszine UK

Lists RPGA's UK Polyhedron Newszine Realms-specific articles.

Computer Software

This section lists all Forgotten Realms TSR\WotC licenced software.

Computer Games

Links to information pages for Forgotten Realms licenced computer games.

Reference Software

Links to information pages for Forgotten Realms licenced reference software.

Patches & Updates

Links to external sites for game patches and expansion software.
Strategy Guides Computer game strategy guides published by third parties.

Electronic Downloads

List of links to TSR\WotC Forgotten Realms product electronic downloads.


This section lists other Forgotten Realms material produced by TSR\WotC.

Trading Cards

Lists of TSR's Trading Cards and Spellfire cards for the Realms.

Promotional Material

Details of Forgotten Realms promotional material produced by TSR\WotC.


Details of official TSR\WotC licenced Forgotten Realms merchandise.


Information of Forgotten Realms products mentioned, but never released.


Forgotten Realms minatures and other Realms stuff is listed here.
Interviews Index Page Links to interviews with FR writers and game designers.

Product Release Schedule

List of Forgotten Realms WotC releases for the current year.
Previous Forgotten Realms Catalogs Archive of previous years Forgotten Realms release schedules.

Product Errata

Various errors or missing items from Realms products are listed here.

The Scribe's Desk

Enter your review of a Forgotten Realms product.

Reviews Index

A list of all Realms product reviews entered by Candlekeep visitors.
Gallery of Faerun This section contains various sections for Realms related artwork.

Official Realms Artwork

This area contains official TSR\WotC Forgotten Realms artwork.
Official Realms Galleries Links to the official product art galleries on the WotC site.

Forgotten Realms Logo's

Forgotten Realms logo's, both official and fan-created are shown here.

Fan Art

Artwork submitted by fans of the Realms are linked from this area.
Campaign Journals This section is the main page for areas relating to home Realms campaigns.

Campaign Logs

Journals and logs from home campaigns are collected here.

Hall of Heroes

Fan-created Realms character stats, backgrounds and sketches are in this area.

The Census Chamber

Rules and guidelines for character entry, links to both census chambers.
2nd Ed. Census Chamber Enter your 2nd Edition AD&D characters details here to appear in the Hall of Heroes.
3rd Ed. Census Chamber Enter your 3rd Edition D&D characters details here to appear in the Hall of Heroes.

Census Statistics

Cross-reference table giving the total number of races and classes in the Hall of Heroes.

Adventures In Faerun

This section contains downloads and links for adventure modules set in the Realms.

Fan-created Adventures

Downloads of Realms adventure modules created by fans and submitted to the site.

WotC Online Adventures

Links to official online adventure feature pages on the WotC FR site.

Fellaren-Krae Project

The main page for a  project to develop a Forgotten Realms settlement set in Sembia.
Project Objective Outline of the project objectives and requirements.
Project Guidelines Submission details and template downloads for the project.
Credits List of credits and submissions of people who have had their work included in the project.

Northern Journey

This is the main page information and downloads for the NORTHERN JOURNEY project.

REALMS-L Projects Main

This is the main page for linking to the of the REALMS-L Mailing List areas.

Realms-L Projects

Details and submission info on active and inactive REALMS-L projects.

Project Guidelines

Guidelines on creating your own REALMS-L registered project.


FAQ produced by the REALMS-L List relating to the List standards and the Realms.

FR Atlas FAQ

Questions and answers for the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas CD-ROM.

FR-Zone Navigation

Navigation menu to aid FR Zone visitors locate material in Candlekeep.
The Guestbook View and enter your comments on the Candlekeep site.
Guestbook Archive See past entries from the older guestbook..
Links & Webrings Links to webrings and other AD&D and Forgotten Realms websites.

Candlekeep Banners

Graphic banners and code for linking to this site.
Other World Portals Information on other campaign settings and links to other campaign sites.
Community Information on locating and using Realms information lists on the internet.
Candlekeep Forum Main page for Candlekeeps own Forgotten Realms Forum.
FR Message Boards Links to Forgotten Realms Message Boards on the net.

FR Newsgroups

Details on how to locate the D&D and Forgotten Realms Newsgroups.

FR Mailing Lists

Details on subscribing to the numerous Forgotten Realms Mailing Lists.

LISTSERV Reference

System Command Reference for LISTSERV Mailing Lists.
Contact the Scribes A list of Email addresses of the Scribes of Candlekeep.


Give us your feedback on what you like and dislike about Candlekeep.
About the Candlekeep site This page contains various information on the Candlekeep site.

General Information

Information on fonts, recommended resolution and general notes about the site.

Credits & Thanks

Credits and thanks to people who have contributed to the site.

Copyright Notice

Copyright notice for various material used on the site.

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