Forgotten Realms Encyclopedias - Update


For all you fans of the Forgotten Realms, you may or may not be aware of an extensive project taken up by TSR\WotC.  Numerous Research Consulatants have been contracted by TSR to gather information on all Forgotten Realms products. The recruitment process took place around the first quarter 1998 and the project is still in full swing.  The last update from TSR was that all novels to date have been researched, around half of the RPG products have yet to be assigned as do the Forgotten Realms comic line and the numerous Dragon and Polyhedron articles. 

There is no release date at this time as the project is still far from completion, the last hint at the format of the encyclopedia's is that they were to be hardcover volumes as follows, although this is VERY likely to change:


XXX1 Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia, Vol. 1 $30 (tentative title; tentative subject: History)

XXX2 Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia, Vol. 2 $30 (tentative title; tentative subject: People)

XXX3 Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 $30 (tentative title; tentative subject: People)

XXX4 Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia, Vol. 4 $30 (tentative title; tentative subject: Geography)

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