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"Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye". The plump town crier stands at the gates of Candlekeep and as the last rings of the bell fade away and the murmers of the gathering townsfolk begin to die down, he unrolls a scroll produced from within his bright red embroidered cloak.  Then, clearing his throat, he begins...

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Whats new on the Site


1) Product information pages for The Dao of Drizzt, The Road to Neverwinter, The Druid's Call and The Feast of the Moon.
2) Updated the Forgotten Realms Bibliography and Product Release Schedule.



1) Product information page for Glacier's Edge updated with cover image .
2) Added Ed Greenwood's map of Whisper's Crypt, sent in by Eric L. Boyd, in The Map Room.



1) Product information page for Monsters of the Multiverse, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons and Magic The Gathering -Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate.
Updated version of Under Illefarn Anew (plus annotated version) by Eric L. Boyd, in Alaundo's Library.


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