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Neverwinter Nights Official Adventure Walkthrough


Versus Books
Product Type: Computer Game Hint Book
ISBN Number: 1-931886-03-2
Author: Casey Loe, Christopher Eastwood
Cover Artist: Craig Keller
Release Date: June 2002
Format: Full color Paperback book (232 pages), poster
This official guide provides a complete game walkthrough and information on the Neverwinter Nights computer game by Infogrames.

The text below is taken from a description by Versus Books of the actual product:

'Detailed maps of every major aread in the game, rendered from the actual 3-D environments themselves.
Unlock all the optional quests available across the four chapters of Neverwinter Nights.
Complete disclosure of all the treasures hidden thoughout a truely massive virtual world.
Appendices detailing every item, Skill, Feat and Spell in NWN, compromising literally thousands of entries.'

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