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On this page you will find official TSR Forgotten Realms products which do not really fall into the title of  Role-Playing material and such likes, but more a collection of other categories such as merchandise and special promotions.

Trading Cards

TSR produced packs of trading cards from 1991 to 1993. These were sold in small "booster" type packs containing a mixture of campaign worlds and card types. These cards were available later in the year as boxed "Factory Sets" which contained every card. Below is a list of all Forgotten Realms cards.

TSR Forgotten Realms Trading Cards - 1991
TSR Forgotten Realms Trading Cards - 1992
TSR Forgotten Realms Trading Cards - 1993
Spellfire Forgotten Realms Cards
Icewind Dale Promotional Cards
Neverwinter Fortune Cards

Promotional Material

Items listed below were given away as part of another purchase, bundled in with various other TSR\WotC products or offered as advertizing downloads by WotC to promote the Forgotten Realms campaign. This section also contains links to the Wizards site for desktop wallpaper and screensavers.

Forgotten Realms Campaign Conspectus
The Grand Tour Comic
Faerun Poster Map (TSR Gold)
Summer Sneak Preview 2000
Icewind Dale Promotional Cards
Azoun Memorial Card
"Secrets of the Sages" - Forgotten Realms Newsletter
Servant of the Shard - Free Preview Booklet
Servant of the Shard Magnet
Forgotten Realms Desktop Wallpaper
Forgotten Realms Screensaver
Dark Elf Trilogy Desktop Wallpaper
Sea of Swords Desktop Wallpaper
Sea of Swords Screensaver
Elminster in Hell Screensaver
Elminster in Hell Desktop Wallpaper
Faiths and Pantheons Desktop Wallpaper
Faiths and Pantheons Screensaver
City of the Spider Queen Screensaver
City of the Spider Queen Desktop Wallpaper
The Thousand Orcs Screensaver
The Thousand Orcs Desktop Wallpaper
Insurrection Screensaver
Insurrection Desktop Wallpaper
Return of the Archwizards Desktop Wallpaper
Daughter of the Drow Desktop Wallpaper
Windwalker Screensaver
Condemnation Desktop Wallpaper
Underdark Screensaver
Underdark Desktop Wallpaper
The Lone Drow Desktop Wallpaper
The Lone Drow Screensaver
The Hunters Blades Trilogy Web Toys
Extinction Desktop Wallpaper
Players Guide to Faerun Screensaver
Players Guide to Faerun Desktop Wallpaper
Elminster's Daughter Screensaver
Annihilation Screensaver
Serpent Kingdoms Desktop Wallpaper
The Two Swords Desktop Wallpaper
The Two Swords Screensaver
City of Splendors Desktop Wallpaper
City of Splendors Screensaver
Master of Chains Screensaver
Queen of the Depths Desktop Wallpaper
Promise of the Witch-King Screensaver
Promise of the Witch-King Desktop Wallpaper
The Empires Trilogy bookmark
Forgotten Realms Cap
Neverwinter Faction Badges

See also our unofficial Candlekeep Screensavers for D&D products, created by Ron Pearsall (aka "kahonen") in the Wondrous Treasures room of Alaundo's Library. Many thanks to Ron for creating these.


TSR had a short period of producing merchandise branded with TSR, AD&D and the core campaign worlds.  Below is a list for the Forgotten Realms line.

Forgotten Realms Embroidered Cloth Patch
Forgotten Realms Pin Badge (no image available)
Forgotten Realms Poster (Orcus' Domain)
Forgotten Realms Dice Bag
Forgotten Realms 1989 Calendar
Forgotten Realms 1990 Calendar

Other fan-created items have been produced, bearing the Candlekeep name and association, on an unofficial capacity.

GenCon "Candlekeep Presents" Seminar pin badges
Candlekeep 2013 "Countdown to GenCon" card


The items in the Vaporware section never made it off the drawing board or were never released to the public.

Novel - Murder in Ravens Bluff
Novel - The Shores of Dusk
Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia
Baldur's Gate II D&D Guidebook (TSR)
Candlekeep Scrolls CD
Novel - Pride of the Lion
Novel - Neverwinter Nights
Novel - Reclamation (Songs and Swords)
Novel - Rise of the Blade (Harpers)
Novel - Godbound (Cycle of Night)
Novel - Godslayer (Cycle of Night)
Novel - Throne of the Dead


Products and items which are truly miscellaneous and do not fall into another category are in this section.

Forgotten Realms 'Ral Partha' Minatures
Forgotten Realms 'WotC' Minatures
D&D Minatures - Archfiends expansion
D&D Icons: Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack
The Legend of Drizzt Board Game
Lords of Waterdeep Board Game
Dungeon Command: Heart of Cormyr
Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth
Scoundrels of Skullport Board Game
The Legend of Drizzt - The Collected Stories audiobooks
Icons of the Realms miniatures range
Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game
Dice Masters - Battle for Faerûn
Dice Masters - Faerûn Under Seige
Assault of Giants Board Game
Monsters and Heroes of the Realms
Tyrants of the Underdark Board Game
Tyrants of the Underdark Expansion Deck 1 - Aberrations and Undead
Tomb of Annihilation Board Game
Betrayal at Baldur's Gate
Dice Masters - Tomb of Annihilation
Tomb of Annihilation Dice Set
Dragonfire card game
Waterdeep - Dragon Heist Dice Set
Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus Dice Set
Dice Masters - Zhentarim Team Pack
Icewind Dale - Dice and Miscellany Set
Drizzt and Guenhwyvar Figure Set
Heroes' Feast Cookbook
Forgotten Realms Poster Book (City Scenes)
Magic: The Gathering - Commander Legends

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