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Neverwinter Nights Official World Builders Guide


Versus Books
Product Type: Computer Game Hint Book
ISBN Number: 1-931886-13-X
Author: Casey Loe, Frank Crockett
Cover Artist: Craig Keller
Release Date: June 2002
Format: Full color Paperback book (216 pages), poster
This official guide provides information on how to create new settings and code C-Script for the Neverwinter Nights computer game by Infogrames.

The text below is taken from a description by Versus Books of the actual product:

'The most detailed documentation available on the NWN toolset - create a world of near-infinate possibilities.
A step-by-step guide to creating scripting that runs your world. Includes a full appendix of C programming.
A bestiary including full monster data, strategy, and society notes to make your campaign as realistic as possible.
Examples from our own module serve as a side-by-side comparison with our in-depth world-building tutorial.'

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