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Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide
Official Strategy Guide


Brady Games
Product Type: Computer Game Hint Book
ISBN Number: 0-7440-0268-0
Author: Michael Lummis
Cover Artist: N\A
Release Date: August 2003
Format: Full color Paperback book (208 pages)

The text below is taken from a description by Brady Games of the actual product:

'Delve further into the Forgotten Realms.
Your adventure begins as a student of a mage in a small town. An attack on your once serene school results in the loss of incredibly powerful magic artifacts. Your master struggles for life, unable to persue the culprits. You are the only one left to reclaim the artifacts before they are used for unspeakable evil. This essential guide will lead you through the mountains, across the desert to ancient ruins, and onward to victory!

Expert Character Development Coverage -
Get the most out of your hero! Learn the ins and outs of every Class, Race, Feat, Skill, Spell, and more! All New Prestige Classes, Feats, and Spells included!
Plus unique character templates for every Class and much more!

Detailed Walkthrough -
Leads you through all three Expansion chapters - every quest completed!

Comprehensive Bestiary and Armory -
Stats for every creature and weapon prepare you for battle! All new monsters included!'

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