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Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas

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Distribution: Profantasy Ltd./TSR Inc.
Development: Profantasy Ltd.
Release Date: September 1999
Contents: Two inch deep box with cover gatefold containing CD-ROM in jewel case and 32-page instruction booklet.
Specification: IBM PC compatable, P133 required (PII 233 rec.), 16MB RAM (32MB rec.), 2x CDROM, 60MB HDD space, 16-bit 800x600 SVGA card, Windows 95\98\NT, mouse
The text below is taken from a description on the reverse of the actual product:

'The entire planet of Abeir-Toril has been laid out before you with this completely interactive atlas. Explore never-before-seen realms, sprawling cities, treacherous over-land routes, perilous dungeons - or more than 500 maps from Forgotten Realms adventures.  Examine the maps of entire continents, or zoom in for local details.  Players and DMs alike can print out every square foot, mile, and quadrant to accentuate their roleplaying adventures.   Everything is customizable, DMs can modify existing maps and add new levels of detail using the AD&D Core Rules Version 2.0 CD-ROM or ProFantasy's Campaign Cartographer 2.  More than 500 new map symbols are available to use in your own maps as well.  Put the power of the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas at your disposal and see a new level of detail in your adventures'.

There are currently 3 Atlas Updates available, containing new maps and location information. Download patches and map updates for the Interactive Atlas at::  http://www.wizards.com/electronic/article.asp?x=tsr_downloads#atlas and

See the Forgotten Realm Atlas FAQ - An extensive list of Q&A and tips from various sources.

Visit ProFantasy's website for further updates, symbols and news on the Interactive Atlas:



Jason L Redfern



Rating: GoodGoodGood GoodGood

This has to be the Forgotten Realms product i've been looking forward to all year!  This is the 'must have' product for every Realms fan.  The package is well assembled giving a flattened surface map of the planet of Abeir-Toril showing the major continent of Faerun and Kara-Tur etc. and to my surprise several other large land masses never even hinted at before by TSR, hopefully to be used by TSR for future development of the Realms, my only worry is that future work on these lands will not be as detailed as that of Faerun but instead will suffer in much the same way as I believe Kara-Tur has (and indeed the lands of the Mystara campaign setting where only very small corner was heavily detailed and the rest left sparse and undetailed), i.e just filling an extremely large area with nothing but mountains,  jungle, desert etc. But that is a mere assumption and we'll have to wait and see what becomes of the new lands.

The ability to zoom into various areas and regions and select more detailed areas, zooming in to cities then tavern floorplans, cellars, caverns and so on is excellent.  With an update patch out already with an extra 170 maps is hopefully a sign that the developers will continue to provide more and more maps keeping in line with new Realms products as theyre released will sure keep the atlas an essential resource.  One slight grumble is that some of the mappers who were contracted to the project have included there own non-official maps of certain interior areas, the only way of knowing this is by a small note in the maps detail box.

To sum up, this is an excellent product and will keep you busy searching the lands of the Realms for hours at a time.  Much better that id ever expected.

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