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Tethtoril's Bookshelf contains the complete list of Forgotten Realms products, novels, software, merchandise and much more. Everything contained within is official TSR\WotC licenced material. 

Click to download Download the Forgotten Realms Bibliography to see the list in RTF format (this document does not contain any further information or images).

RPG Products
Magazine Articles
Forgotten Realms Bibliography
5th Edition Forgotten Realms
4th Edition Forgotten Realms
1st-3.5th Edition Forgotten Realms
D&D Core Products (FR-only)
Web Enhancements
Dragon Magazine
Dungeon Adventures Magazine
Polyhedron Newszine (US)
Polyhedron Newszine (UK)
Single Novels
Trilogies / Series'
Collector's Editions
Trading Cards
Promotional Material
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous!
Computer Software
Computer Games
Reference Software
Patches & Updates
Strategy Guides
Electronic Downloads
Current FR Release Schedule
Previous FR Catalogs
Product Errata
Product Reviews


Community Adventures
D&D Encounters
D&D Lair Assault
Legacy of the Green Regent
D&D Next Playtest
Living Forgotten Realms

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