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Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance

Product Type:

Computer Software
Distribution: Interplay Productions
Development: Black Isle Studios \
Snowblind Studios
Release Date: Q4 2001 (PS2)
March 2003 (XBox)
Contents: DVD style case, DVD, 50 page booklet
Specification: PlayStation 2 entertainment system
XBox Console

The following text is taken from the official Interplay website:

'A darkness is gathering in the sprawling port town of Baldur's Gate. Members of the city watch have been found dead, people are afraid to leave their homes, and there are rumors of a thieves guild civil war brewing beneath the streets of the city.
Into this deteriorating situation comes the player, a hero of the game, fresh to Baldur's Gate and fresh to the world of adventuring. Down on his luck and carrying little else except a sword strapped to his back, hes come to the big city to earn a few coins. Before his adventures in the city are through, however, he'll be all that stands in the way of one of the greatest threats ever to strike Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast.
Spread over three acts, this tale of intrigue and fierce alliances pits the player against myriad challenges, each one bringing the player closer and closer to the revelation of truth and the bittersweet realization of vengeance

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is a revolutionary game that combines fast-paced actionand adventure in the popular world of Baldur's Gate. With an epic tale of intrigue, fierce alliances, explosive spell effects and highly detailed creatures and environments, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is a benchmark of technology and gameplay


  • A completely original adventure created exclusively for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.
  • Featuring single and two-player cooperative play.
  • Explosive spell effects and amazing detailed environments never-before-seen in any console game.
  • Play three character types, each with unique powers, appearance and abilities.
  • First console game ever to use the 3rd Edition Dungeons a& Dragons rule set'.
  • Produced by the award-winning Black Isle Studios and developed by Snowblind Studios.

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