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Demon Stone

Product Type:

Game Software
Distribution: Atari
Development: Stormfront Studios
Release Date: Autumn 2004 (PS2)
Spring 2005 (XBOX)
Contents: DVD-style box, CD, 42-page booklet.

PlayStation 2 console
X-BOX console


The following text is taken from the Atari web site:

' Enter the mythical land of Faerûn, where magic, prophecy and mystery envelop great heroes and perilous evil.

Within this awe-inspiring, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® world, a fighting saga begins. Control a party of three a Fighter, a Sorcerer and a Rogue in a quest to right a wrong and shape the future. Switch characters on the fly to exploit each warrior's specialized fighting styles (projectile/ranged, melee and sneak combat) and maximize each character's attributes. The right moves will build the party into a well-balanced fighting trio.

The Demon Stone gameplay elements diverse, exciting and extremely cinematic push action/adventure to an entirely new level!

Game Features:

  • An award-winning game engine from Stormfront Studios, delivering action movie thrills within a seamless blend of cinematic visuals! 3D characters, environments and gameplay are all rendered with dynamic, movie-styled camerawork
  • Sprawling story written by New York Times best-selling novelist R.A. Salvatore
  • Intense, lightning-fast battles against fifteen or more enemies at once; amazing combo attacks and supers that devastate adversaries
  • A variety of fighting methods, from three distinct characters: Hack enemies, destroy crumbling columns and shatter ice walls with the Fighter; blow apart foes with jaw-dropping spells, and trap groups of enemies under shimmering magical nets with the Sorcerer; hide in the shadows and employ sneak attacks with the Rogue
  • Character upgrades that can be purchased with experience points; provide the Sorcerer with stronger spells or improve the Rogue's stealth and lock-picking abilities
  • Tons of weapons, armor and miscellaneous items such as gauntlets, rings and cloaks to further enhance a character's abilities
  • Ability and non-combat challenges to test a character's strength
  • A cornucopia of enemies to fight! Bugbears, Trolls, Mind Flayer, Slaadi and Yuan-Tis all from D&D lore as well as bosses like the Avatar of Merrshaulk
  • Ten beautifully detailed levels from the Forgotten Realms campaign including Gemspark Mine, Cedarleaf and the Jungles of Chult'

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