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Descent to Undermountain

Product Type:

Computer Software

Distribution: Interplay
Development: Strategic Simulations Inc.
Release Date: Unknown
Contents: Box containing game CD and manual.
Specification: Pentium 90mhz. 32 MB ram. 50 MB free space on hard drive 4x CD-ROM. 1MB video ram or SVGA video card

The following is a description taken from the reverse of the product:

'The stone belly of Undermountain below Waterdeep plays home to horrific monsters,dark magics and unspeakable evils in Descent to Undermountain.
In this spell-ridden maze of dungeons and rips in the very fabric of reality lies the ultimate prize; The Sword of the Spider Queen, the Goddess Lolth.Stolen from her long ago,in a time when Gods wrestled with the primal energies of creation, those who dared possess it were destroyed.
Based on an enhanced, SVGA version of the 3D engine from the immensely successful Descent game, all the horrors of the abyss come to life with superior graphics that pay frightening homage to stunning detail. 360 degree directional movement makes no apologies for shameless attacks from behind.
True to the AD&D system,you can develop you charactor from six different races, and create single as well as multi-class charactors. Gain experience and discover magic items you'll need just to survive.
In the end , you'll trust no one but yourself. May the gods be with you.'

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