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Eye of the Beholder II
The Legend of Darkmoon

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Distribution: Unknown
Development: Westwood \ SSI
Release Date: 1991
Contents: Unknown
Specification: IBM PC Compatable 386/40, 4MB RAM, VGA Card, DOS 5.0, Soundblaster, 3.8MB Hard Drive space.
The text below is taken from a description by SSI on the reverse of the Archives Box:

'The sequel to Eye of the Beholder features stunning realistic 3D graphics and animation.  A bigger adventure including a forest, temple, catacomb and three huge towers.  This game now includes enchanced graphics and a point-and-click interface.  Smarter, meaner monsters, more people, clues and mysteries make this one of the best role-playing experiences ever!'
This game is displayed as a first-person-perspective dungeon walkthrough.

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