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Eye of the Beholder
(Game Boy Advance version)

Product Type:

Computer Software
Distribution: Infogrames
Development: Infogrames
Release Date: 2002
Contents: Box containing game cartridge, 60 page booklet.
Specification: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
The text below is taken from a description on the reverse of the product:

'A new evil has fallen upon the peaceful city of Waterdeep. You have been called upon to uncover its source and destroy it. As you embark on an epic odyssey with a band of fearless adventurers, youll need to prepare yourself for confrontation with countless enemies and obstacles. Do you have the skill and bravery required to save Waterdeep from this unspeakable evil?

Go forth brave warrior, the adventure of a lifetime awaits.

  • Create a party of six adventurers and set off on a dangerous quest.
  • Choose from six Forgotten Realms races including Human, Half-Elf and Moon-Elf.
  • Choose from the four base D&D classes: Wizard, Rogue, Cleric and Figher
  • Utilise 50 unique 3rd edition feats and skills to overcome countless enemies and obstacles.
  • A combination of more than 150 spells and items will help you pass safely through the horrors of the Waterdeep dungeons.'

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