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Product Type:

Computer Software NO



Distribution: Unknown
Development: Strategic Simulations Inc.
Release Date: Unknown
Contents: Unknown
Specification: IBM PC Compatable 386/40, 4MB RAM, VGA Card, DOS 5.0, Soundblaster, 2.2MB Hard Drive space.
The text below is taken from a description by SSI on the reverse of the Archives Box:

'Every visit to Hillsfar is a different, exhilerating experiance.  Explore the city, meet its colorful denizens on the streets or in the pubs and discover a quest.  Your quest will keep you constantly on the move.  Fight in the arena against raging minotaurs, ill-tempered orcs or insulted swordsmen.   Enter different buildings and utilize your maze-running and lock-picking skills.  Archery and equestrian events may also be part of your overall quest.  Think and move fast - these mini-games happen in real-time.  For adventure, there is no place like Hillsfar'.

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