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Icewind Dale: Heart of winter

Product Type:

Computer Software
Distribution: Interplay Productions
Development: Black Isle Studios
Release Date: February 2001
Contents: 1 CD in slimline DVD style case
Specification: Win 95/98/ME, PII 233 MHz processor (300MHz recommended), 64MB of RAM (128MB recommended), Additional 200-600MB hard drive space, 4X CD-ROM, Direct X certified sound card, Microsoft-compatible keyboard and mouse

The following text is taken from the Official Icewind Dale website:

"...The expansion takes you to the northernmost town of Lonelywood, one of the Ten Towns in the region. Native barbarians have been organizing hordes of warriors to sweep across the region razing each of the Ten Towns in their wake. A mysterious traveler enlists the aid of your party to help stop what he believes is a grave mistake. For the sheen of gold, or the principle of justice, it is up to you to stop the storm of conflict. And of course, there's much more to it than that, but hey!


  • 800x600 support
  • Gem bag and scroll case support, allowing players to carry more items without the clutter of nonessential equipment
  • Drop away interface in game: Remove the left, right, bottom, or all of the interface with a keystroke (Developed by BioWare Corp. for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn)
  • Hotkey to easily find items on the ground, and doors that may be difficult to see
  • Improved OpenGL 3D support
  • 5 main new areas, including Lonelywood, another of the Ten-Towns in the Icewind Dale region.
  • Over 100 new magic items to find.
  • 59 new spells, for both lower and higher level characters.
  • Playable during or after the original Icewind Dale.
  • 10 - 20 new monsters and NPC's, from barbarians, to new undead, as well as some special monsters. "

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