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Neverwinter Nights - Community Expansion Pack

Product Type:

Online RPG Expansion
Distribution: Bioware
Development: Bioware
Release Date: April 2004
Contents: Online Download
Specification: 500Mhz (1Ghz recommended) processor on Windows 98\Me\2000\XP. 128MB RAM (256 recommended), 1.2GB disk space, 24x CD drive, 32MB ATI Radeon 7000 +, NVidia, TNT2 +, DirectX Soundcard. Original Neverwinter Nights game is also required.

The following text is taken from Bioware NWN web site:

'The watchword of the CEP Team is more. More content. More quality. More flexibility. More more. The CEP gives you access to the best custom content on NWVault as well as material that is unique to the CEP. It isn't just about quantity either. It's about high-quality content that plays nicely together. Here is what you get with the CEP:

  • New unreleased creatures not available anywhere else and over 450 community creatures , such as goblins, owlbears, and gelugons. Many of these creatures also feature wing and tail nodes.
  • Two new dynamic creatures suitable for PCs: the Wemic and the Brownie.
  • 14 completely new weapon types , including the falchion, maul, nunchaku, and trident, and new components for thousands of unique weapons .
  • 324 new shields . There's also new components for thousands of unique armor and clothing types .
  • 772 new inventory icons including rings, robes and books, and 90 new items from holy symbols to musical instruments.
  • 1,448 new placeables from plates and bowls to siege engines, ships, and towers.
  • 121 new NPC portraits for dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, humans, half-elves, half-orcs, wemics, and driders.'

Visit the official Neverwinter Nights: Community Expansion Pack website!

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