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Pool of Radiance:
Ruins of Myth Drannor

Product Type:

Computer Software
Distribution: SSI
Development: Stormfront Studios
Release Date: Fall 2000
Contents: Box containing manual (144 pages) and 2 CD's in jewel case
Specification: PC Pentium II 400, Windows 9x\ME, DirectX 6.0 or greater.
64MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM, DirectX 8.0, 12MB Voodoo 2 Class video card

The following text is taken from a description by WotC:

'"Already we have transformed the Mythal into a pall of darkness over the city. Soon its fading consciousness will be subsumed into the far superior intellect of Pelendralaar - an ancient dragon, destroyer of towns, slayer of heroes, and now our undead sacrifice. Then a new Mythal will wrap the city in a shield like cold iron. "Already our allies are moving with purpose through the city - wraith and orog, dragon-kin and my beloved drow. Here they flock to drink from a Pool of power past all desiring. With the blessing it gives them, they will be our subjects forever, with loyalty to us that endures beyond the grave. "Already the well has been sunk - straight into the hearts of those who would oppose us. The Pool brims, and soon it will overflow. Come, my lords! Enough of your whispered plots in back alleys! Soon, from the glorious thrones we build out of the ruins of Myth Drannor, we devotees of the Dragon will issue edicts that tremble all of Faerun."
-- from the letters of Mordrayn Fellstar, Archmage of the Cult of the Dragon

The world is presented in style reminiscent of Diablo and Baldur's Gate - a richly rendered three-quarter, isometric view of the environment, with a beautifully drawn landscape and structures, populated by realistically rendered monsters, NPCs, and characters.
The first Forgotten Realms game to use fully-utilized 3D aniamtion characters to bring the world to a level of realism never seen before. In addition to this, the game also introduces never before seen features such as Magic Dead Zones, and interavtive environments where the characters can push crates, tip over tables, and other actions which enhance the realistic feeling of the game.

Pool II begins as an adventure for four characters. When the game opens, parties are being formed for an investigation of strange occurrences with the various Pools of Radiance. One of these parties will be sent to Myth Drannor to investigate a Pool there. The adventure begins - four individuals find themselves alone in the elven ruins, victims of unfortunate circumstance which have changed a there-and-back-again exploration into a survival struggle. As the characters cautiously investigate the situation, they meet monsters and other characters, some of which join the party. In the end, a full-strength group of six confronts the great evil in the game finale'.

  • Players create 4 characters of a 6-character party
  • Action-based Combat system
  • Multiplay and Singleplay dungeons
  • Non-linear quests
  • Over 100 spells
  • Characters can go up to 13th level of experience
  • New D&D monsteres and items
  • Voice support over modem

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