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On this page you will find links to official Forgotten Realms "Web Enhancements" from Wizards of the Coast. These products have been produced as free downloads by WotC as additional 'goodies' and supplements to Forgotten Realms products.

Title \ Link Product Contents
Secret Societies of the Realms, Revealed! Cloak and Dagger

Timeline of Westgate
Westgate Dynasty List
C&D Product Art Gallery

In the Realms Monsters of Faerun

"Ogres of the Ice Spire"
"Ripe for Colonization"

More of the Divine Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

Deities Supplement

A Druid's Grove Magic of Faerun

Magical location information

Realms Personalities Lords of Darkness

Ashemmi character information
Malark character information

Deity Do's and Dont's Faiths and Pantheons

Additional deity rules supplement

The Leaves of Learning Faiths and Pantheons

Additional Temple in Highmoon

More Marches The Silver Marches

Additional Magic Items & Spells

Underdark Campaigns City of the Spider Queen

Various extras (magic, encounters, NPC's)

Tower of Life Races of Faerun

Two extra sample lairs

A Call to Arms Unapproachable East


Organizations of the Underdark Underdark

Groups and organizations information.

Underdark Dungeons Underdark

Encounter information and dungeon maps

Monster Update Players Guide to Faerun

Updated 3.5 monster statistics

Saurials: More Lizardkin Serpent Kingdoms

Information on the Saurial race

Wemic Camp Shining South

Fully-detailed Wemic camp of The Shaar

Secrets of Imaskar Lost Empires of Faerun Adventure for 6th level characters
Vanrakdoom Champions of Ruin Adventure for 17th level characters
Noble Houses of Waterdeep City of Splendors: Waterdeep Additional details on Waterdeep Nobles
Benefits of Membership Champions of Valor Substituation levels for minor valorous organizations.
Tougher Sons of Gruumsh Sons of Gruumsh Information for running module for higher levels
Environs of Waterdeep City of Splendors: Waterdeep Details on lands and locations beyond the city walls
Magic Items Hoard of the Dragon Queen Magic items for the adventure

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