Campaign Logs

And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

From Uruk to Ordulin
Early 1366DR

As for the others, they had it in their minds to flee south out of the ruins and there discovered the well nigh empty encampment of the Untherite soldiers. Unfortunately, the Ninshubu spotted the foreigners as they fled the ruins, and quickly arrived to support it's fellows. Tyros met the divine champion in single combat as the others dispatched the common soldiers. The battle was hard fought, but in the end the Ninshubu fell to Tyros' blade; though it might have went otherwise without the timely intervention of Corwin and Harmoth.

Readying the steeds, the band quickly decided it was at last time to cut their losses and quit both the Cult of Tiamat and Unther altogether. Even Yolandra revealed that she had grown tired of the way the Cult had been using her, especially in regards to Hector. And so it was that Tyros, Harmoth, Corwin, and Yolandra bolted south across the Uthangol Mountains and found the city-state of Hardcastle, where, with the help of Corwin's language skills, they began to orient themselves and prepare for the long journey home.

For Tyros and his companions, the journey from Hardcastle through Torsch to Innarlith was an effort, with slavers and goons attempting to abduct the fair and beautiful Yolandra, or the entire lot of them, every step of the way. At length however they arrived in Innarlith, only to become embroiled in a plot by yet another demon-worshipping cult, which seem to infest this part of the world, to take over the High Council of the fair city-state. With the aid of the councilman Mellisinder and his companions, the band at last exposed and threw down the bird-worshipping demon cult (Pazuzu). Thereafter they enjoyed the finest hospitality of Innarlith had to offer. A romance even evolved between Yolandra and Mellisinder, but before long spirits grew restless and so the band bid farewell to their kind host and friend, and continued on their journey.

nd so they fared, north up the Golden Way through Sespech to the Chondathan capital of Arrabar, where they sold their horses and bought passage aboard a ship bound for Yolandra's homeland of Sembia. Putting into port in Selgaunt, the band thence made their way up Rauthauvyr's Ride and at last settled at the Six Candles Inn in the Sembian capital of Ordulin.

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