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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

The Lost Library of Plinthius the Learned
late Winder 1366DR

Once again nestled in the bosom of the west, the band enjoyed the comforts of familiar sounds, ways, tastes, and smells, and surroundings until, sooner then one might imagine, their coffers began to run low. Luckily, Corwin had kept up his habit of acquainting himself with every temple and shrine in his vicinity, and so was in the right place at the right time when the Scrivner of Deneir's local shrine, a tall, skinny, bookish man by the name of Hla'thair, put out a call for adventurers to help him locate and unearth the lost library of Plinthius the Learned. The band thus took up this call, and despite some competition from a gang of looters, the at last discovered the underground library in the eastern reaches of the Dun Hills.

This discovery earned the band no small acclaim in the eyes of the Church of Deneir, for the library contained many unique texts, some of which were entirely original, while others were known only through references in other tomes that had survived the passage of centuries.

As the band enjoyed their new found prestige news drifted in from the west that a war had broken out between Cormyr and the Tunlanders. This news was made interesting by the fact that the Tunlanders seemed to have been supported by a great black wyrm, whom the band knew must be Sha'Harlegrauth, whom they apparently awakened last summer. As a result of this wyrm, the Daggerdale campaign was postponed for yet another season as Cormyr shunted reinforcements into the Tunlands.

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