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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

The Chill of Evil
Early 1368DR

Over the course of the winter it came to pass that some of the folk of Hap became plagued with terrible dreams, with a few of such folk dying in their sleep as a result. As was eventually revealed, each dreamt of being pursued through the forest by some hideous dogfaced fiend, which, after a long drawn out pursuit, would corner and torment them, until at last it grew bored and prepared to deliver a death blow. None of the living could recall that blow falling.

Amongst those afflicted with these dreams was Hector, and he knew from the emerald glow of the dog-fiend's eyes that it was sent by the Nameless Fiend, who had glowing pin-pricks of green for eyes.

At length, and with the folk of the hamlet and tower tired from many restless and sleepless nights, it came to pass that Hector awoke shrieking from his night-terror, only to find the dog-faced fiend from his dreams perched at the edge of his bed. A fight ensued that eventually brought the attention of, first, Hrek and then Tyros. Between the three of them they manage to either slay or drive the fiend off. Either way, it did not return for the rest of the winter. Gossip however began to circulate that Hector carried some kind of unholy curse.

There was much talk over the remains of the winter of the journey out to the Sword Coast and Candlekeep come spring, and the lass Delleah yearned to accompany the band on the journey. Thus did Hector extend to her the offer to accompany them, and neither Tyros nor Hrek could find much reason forbid her. They were confident in the bands ability to defend her should the need arise, and in truth, they expected little enough trouble on the journey, and even less at the destination. And so, with her father's permission, Delleah rode out with Hector, Tyros, Salleece, and Hrek with the coming of spring.

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