Campaign Logs

And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

The Candlekeep and Beyond
Spring 1368DR

They made their way, first, to Ordulin, where they met up with Corwin. Before long, Harmoth and Airovistus returned from a happy winter with their kin in Cormyr to join them, and with that, the lot of them departed.

As the band journeyed, avoiding Cormyr, they heard that the realm of the Purple Dragon had almost finished pacifying the Tunlanders. They would launch their campaign to "liberate" Daggerdale by next spring, if such a course was still considered imminently viable. It was also said that orc raids were proving to be more bothersome than usual in the Sunset Vale (as they also were in a largely disarmed Tunland), but for the most part the journey was uneventful.

As Tyros, Hrek, Harmoth, and Airovistus made for the town of Beregost, the others continued on to Candlekeep, where Corwin was thrilled to find a surprising number of books that dealt with the Survivor States in more than just a passing manner. He also found and copied a map of Hlondeth and Asram.

Unfortunately, it happened that Tyros and company found themselves cheated out of much of their money by a shrewd traveling merchant from Amn. He had sold them a number of trinkets that were special because, well, neither Tyros, Hrek, Harmoth, nor Airovistus could quite remember why the crappy little toys were supposed to be special. They certainly seemed special at the time ...

And so, with no where near the coin necessary for the return to Sembia and/or Battledale, the band set to finding employment once they arrived back in Baldur's Gate. And soon enough it came to pass that the band was hired to guard a shipload of weapons out to the Moonshae Isles.

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