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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

More Old Scores
Late Fall 1373DR

With the defeat of the dragon skeletons and the winning of the knowledge of the Orb and Zarlandris, the band gathered up Baldred's remains and limped back to the hunter's cabin. Here they buried the strongest of their warriors.

That night there was much talk regarding what stirred the dragon skeletons and what their next move would be. Both Disciple Landrian and Vandril theorized that it was the unhallowed nature of the glade they perished in. Thus did they rise as skeletons even as human or demi-human or goblinoid bones might do. To the contrary, Hector suggested that the CoT was looking in on them via a magic mirror or crystal ball, and that this was their doing. None liked the sound of this.

As for their next move, it was consider best if they spent the winter in Ordulin where they would have access to roads, books, and learned sages. Thus, they would all ride to Yokeluk from where only the swiftest riders would carry on to Hap. These riders would bring news of their deeds and intent, and collect the band's money from Haptooth Hill before riding back to Yokeluk, and thence, to Ordulin.

So, after a couple of days of rest, they continued on their way back to the Griffon's Nest, still quite weak and raw from their recent battle. Especially Brutus and Heudeen. When they at last arrove at the secluded Hold, they found that the graves of the Company of the Griffon (and their servants) had been dug up and their bodies were gone. While these zombies were quickly tracked down and slain, it deepened the suspicion that Hector was right about the source of their recent misfortune.

With fall setting in and supplies running low the band did not linger long before departing Griffon's Nest. On the trail to Brogunham it came to pass that the band was ambushed by a small gang of thugs led by a number of Shaarite assassins. They called for the death of the "Foul Blasphemer of the West", the death of the "Dark One", the death of Hector Sirus. And while Hector and Landrian attempted to reason with these men, explaining that the Cormyrean mage was on a path of redemption, their devotion to their ordained task was fanatical. In the end, most were slain, and unfortunately, Heudeen was numbered amongst the dead. He fell while shielding the Lady Voldreena from the initial assault. Even so, Hector demanded that the two survivors be disarmed, but otherwise left to go free. The Shaarites spat in the face of his mercy and lies, and vowed that they would one-day return to bring Jesuah's judgement, his righteous vengeance, down upon him. The distraught Voldreena, who had always spurned Heudeen's sincere advances, begged that that day come soon.

From there the journey continued without incident through Brogunham to Yokeluk and on to Hap. Completing their business and bidding the folk of Hap a good winter, Corwin, Vandril and Hector made their way back to Yokeluk where they hooked up with the rest of the band and headed back down Rauthauvyr's Road. In due time they saw the rolling plains of Sembia spread out before them once more. And before long they had passed Northgate Keep and entered into the gates of grand Ordulin.

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