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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

The Quest Continues
Early Winter 1373DR

Arriving in Ordulin, the band quickly found lodging at the Hearthside Inn, which was owned and run by one of Corwin's most trusted confidants, Dairrion "Speedy-Eyes". He was an ex-thief done well, who prided himself on the security, and resourcefulness, of his establishment.

No more than a day after their arrival the first winter snows blanketed Sembia. And while it did not endure for more than a day, Auril would soon return to leave a more lasting impression.

And so, after a polite and cozy day of rest spent lounging about the Hearthside, Corwin set about the task of learning where sage advice on the wyrms of Glaun Bog could be found.

In the meantime, Hector sought out the counsels of High Morninglord Ombital Duskroon with a heavy conscience. They met three times over the course of the next week, and during their meetings together Hector was guided to speak much of his selfishness and greed, of all the evil it had led him into in the past, and of how Lathander himself had saved him from damnation, with his servants sacrificing themselves so that he might regain his soul and renew his destiny. And he spoke of how, recently, his greed and thoughtlessness had continued to grieve him, how it had even earned Lathander's displeasure, the god to whom he owed so much. And finally, he spoke of how, in his youth, at the foot of his first mentor, he had heard the tales of Elminster and dreamed to one day be a great and heroic man such as he.

When all was said and done, Hector resolved to give himself fully over to the worship and service of Lathander. He further resolved to swear a holy oath, to neither rest nor profit until the evil he had unleashed upon the world of man was at last banished back to the dark, stagnant, and withering pits from whence it came. The High Morninglord thus received him in the worship of Lathander, and Hector began more intensive instruction regarding the worship and philosophy of the Radiant One.

Even as Hector brought this news to the band, ensuring them that it would by no means interfere with the quest, Corwin came through with the leads the band sought. In addition to receiving permission to peruse the library at Deneir's High Hall of Letters and Learning in the hills above Glaun Bog, word also had it that the great sage Rhauntides of Highmoon was probably an even better source of lore.

And so it was decided that Corwin, Tyros, Vandril, and Lacander would ride for Deneir's High Hall, while Hector, Voldreena, Disciple Landrian, Melvarin and Brutus made for Highmoon and the abode of Rhauntides the Sage.

Riding briskly out of Ordulin on a cool day early in the winter, the band was attacked a gang of ogres led by an ogre mage around mid-afternoon. While the ogres were slain, Hector was struck a grievious wound and the ogre mage managed to escaped. Thus, having made it to Moontassel by nightfall, it was decided that Brutus, Voldreena and Disciple Landrian would carry Hector back to Ordulin, while the others continued on with their missions. Tyros and Corwin would travel a familiar road to Deneir's High Hall, while Vandril, Melvarin and Lacander would ride for Highmoon.

During the day spent resting at Moontassel's Boar and Lion Inn, Tyros took a liking to, and spent a bit of pleasant time with a modestly comely, and exquisitely voluptuous, chambermaid named Gerda ... a rather quiet and unpretentious lass of brown hair and eyes. In due time however, the horses were saddled and the band rode out into the cold, toward their respective destinations once again.

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