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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

In Search of Zarlandris
Early Winter 1373DR

Riding hard through Tasseldale in order to avoid the worst of the early winter chill, Corwin and Tyros made short work of their journey. Arriving at Deneir's High Hall of Letters and Learning, they were warmly received by the High Scrivner Oltom Glyphwarder; a plump but energetic old man, some 60 winters or so, with a long, bushy grey beard and a happy, outgoing smile never far from his spectacled face.

Taking some time to settle in and drive the cold out of their bones, Oltom and Corwin gave Tyros a tour of the hall and introduced the warrior to the various movers and shakers therein. Before long however, the two -- mostly Corwin of course -- were hitting the tomes and setting about their business. After three days of exhaustive research however, the sum total of their findings was ... "black dragons once lived in Glaun Bog". A fact reinforced, but not once expanded upon, by numerous tomes.

As for Vandril, Melvarin, and Lacander, they likewise rode hard through the damp cold of the early "Sembian" winter. Upon their arrival in Highmoon however, they learned that Rhauntides was currently away on important business and was not expected to return until late in the new year. Nevertheless, with a bit of persuasion Lacander and Vandril managed to convince the Sage of Deepingdale's assistant, the bookish, but resolute Handrayn Glipmoore, to delve into his masters library and research the matter for them himself. As this would take some time, the would-be-sage agreed to have his findings sent to their residence in Ordulin.

Thus, after a couple of days rest, the trio rode hard out of Highmoon, bound for Ordulin once more. Arriving in Moontassel, they met up with Corwin and Tyros at the Boar and Lion Inn, where they exchanged stories and enjoyed a relaxing stay before once again riding out into the cold.

Arriving in the Hub late in the day, they immediately made their way to the Hearthside Inn, where they hooked up with the rest of the band. According to Disciple Landrian, "his radiance, the Dawnpriest Hector of Lathander" was doing well, and was currently busying himself with his studies and duties at the Dawn Tower.

So, after relating all the news of thier journey, the lot of them set to their routines, or to establishing routines to help them through what time they had to pass. Luckily, for the less patient, it was only a matter of two weeks before a rider arrived at the the Boar and Lion with a scroll for the band. It contained Handrayn's findings ...

Zarlandris was a black wyrm of no great size, but of exceptional cunning, that is rumored to have once served the green wyrm Venominhandar. Very little is known about Zarlandris as he led a very secretative life, but he is believed to have been extremely cunning and to have dominated the Glaun Bog through various minions until sometime prior to the 9th century DR. He is also thought to have sired the impulsive and reckless black dragon Talastrillandris who terrorized Tasseldale in the 9th century DR until at last slain by the famous Chondathan explorer Marcellus Handrosus in the 897 DR.

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