Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 5

Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
12/22/06 Start Time @7:30pm
Module: Something's Cooking
Marpenoth 24, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic

-Angorn the Black finds lodging and employment with Corkin Markov

-Bartolous returns captured Banite relics to the one year old Temple of Tyr

-Elsanoth and Esvelle both visit The Laughing Halls and have very different experiences

-Davram seeks a sage to learn more of his newfound god

-In his search, Davram overhears rumors of illegal slaving happening within the City of Swords

-The Jeweled Edge re-unites at The Crow's Nest for dinner (as none of them had any lunch)

-Over dinner The Jeweled Edge share what they have learned with varying degrees of openess

-Davram leaves a noticeably large gratuity

-Pluarty Crowe tells Bartolous of The Magic Mushroom

-The Magic Mushroom is found to be in quite a state, its resident wizard away, and its chef being tormented by a sorcerous imp

-The episode at the Magic Mushroom climaxes with a battle against a Berserk Calzone Golem intended for a feast being held by the Lord of Keys.

-The Jeweled Edge limps into the Laughing Halls in order to recieve healing and an antidote against imp poison.

-The clergy take to the band of adventurers that they extend an invitation to participate in a Lliiran rite... lets just say that everyone is a lot closer than they used to be.


NPC Listing

Andolyn La Faire - Proprietress of The Magic Mushroom. Wizard
Gendrew La Fair - The Magic Mushroom's chef, and Andolyn's husband
Corkin Markov - prominent local blacksmith
Un-named - Halfling Male
Pluarty Crowe - Proprietor of The Crow's Nest
Lady Joyworker Shandar Lyrintar - Halfling Female, presiding priestess of the Laughing Halls (Temple of Lliira)
7 un-named priests/priestess of Lliira
1 new initiate to the Lliiran faith
Theoderus - reclusive dwarven wizard specializing in the enchantment of arms/armor

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