Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 6

Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
12/29/06 Start Time: @ 7:00 pm
Module: The Devil's Fire Tavern
Marpenoth 25- Uktar 5, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic

-Davram wanders the city "feeling things out."

-Bartolous works feverishly at the Magic Mushroom earning new spells from Andolyn. He also crafts six magic trinkets: A magic mushroom of blown glass that functions as a doorbell, and the Five Challenge Coins of the Jeweled Edge cut from platinum, rimmed with blue quartz, emblazoned with the badge of the Jeweled Edge, and enspelled to render certain benefits to their bearers.

-Angorn works hard at the forge of Corkin Markov, becomes better aquainted with his host and his dealings, but congregates with his party at meal-times at The Crow's Nest.

-Elsanoth conducts an interview with Angorn, and warns Esvelle concerning her behaviour. He is often in the company of Shandar Lyrintar. He also begins investigating a few of the rumors that come to his ears from Angorn.

-Esvelle passes most of her time at the Laughing Halls, but earns a fair amount of coin at The Crow's Nest with her performance art and becomes acquainted with a tradition called the Bard's Cup.

-By the end of the tenday, living at the Crow's Nest and eating its fine foods has begun to empty their formerly overflowing pockets.

-Lady Joyworker Shandar Lyrintar approaches the party with a mission from an unknown employer. The mission revolves around the Devil's Fire Tavern and a mysterious black market trade in slaves, of which Elsanoth and Angorn have heard some rumors.

-The Devil's Fire Tavern is staked out by Angorn and Elsanoth, and later invaded by the Jeweled Edge. An underground passage leads to a sea cave, convenient for a smuggling operation, and a hold of slaves. The defenders of the cavern put up a ferocious fight nearly ending the life of Davram.


NPC Listing

Corwyn Jaffe - apparently the assassain from Phlan, the pirate lieutenant that escaped the Jeweled Edge at the Bandit Cave, and an avowed member of a Malarite cult in Hillsfar. As Elsanoth noted: "Wow! This guy's working ALL of the angles."

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