Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 8

Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
1/12/06 Start Time: @ 9:00 pm
Module: Vorbyx's Watchpost part 1
Uktar 6-15, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic

-Working in tandem with Lady Joyworker Shandar and Ulblyn Blackalbuck, the tattooed slaves are secured and are awaiting transport to a location known only by the Halfling Harper

-Esvelle continues to perform nightly at the Crow's Nest

-Ulblyn Blackalbuck identifies the Jade Obelisk as a Vorbyxian Key, and places its relevance at Vorbyx's Watchpost.

-Danirri loses her Thayan tattoo miraculously at Mystra's will.

-Ulblyn suggests that Angorn, Elsanoth, Esvelle, and Danirri investigate Vorbyx's Watchpost.  Bartolous is still needed to continue researching the Tattoos and Davram volunteers to safeguard the remaining tattooed slaves.

-Angorn purchases equipment by trading the remaining excess riding horses.

-Elsanoth investigates the Thar and its indigeonous tribes.

-Esvelle convinces her party to depart a day later than planned in order to give a farewell performance at the Crow's Nest.

-Departing on Uktar 12, the party is quickly off track and caught in a snow storm. 

-In the midst of the snow blown night, the party is assaulted by an Ettin, who is slain after great effort.  The ettin's pouch yields 900gp.

-The snow storm intensifies the next day, and the party decides to stay at camp rather than risk getting lost again.

-The night of Uktar 13, the corpse of the Ettin re-animates and is hastilly slain once more, its remains scattered.

-Elsanoth recounts rumors of a cabal of Necromancers near the Galenas to explain the random re-animation of the Ettin.

-Uktar 15, Vorbyx's watchpost is achieved.

-The lower two levels are cleared of Beholderkin and Shocker Lizards.


900gp - Ettin
127gp - Shocker Lizard's Nest
86sp - Shocker Lizard's Nest
Gold Necklace (75gp) - Shocker Lizard's Nest
Scroll of Shatter - Shocker Lizard's Nest
12 +1 bolts - Beholderkin Room
2 potions of Cure Light Wounds - Beholderkin Room
Vial of Alchemist's Fire - Beholderkin Room
76gp - Beholderkin Room

Absent PC's

Davram & Bartolous

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