Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 7

Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
12/29/06 Start Time: @ 10:00 pm
Module: The Devil's Fire Tavern (continued)
Uktar 5-6, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic

-After securing the Tavern and Basement, the Jeweled Edge sees to their wounded

-12 slaves are found, each bearing a tattoo similar to the symbol found in Session 3

-It is determined that the tattoos are magical and used to facilitate scrying

-It is found that the slaves are of disimilar origins, and their only recent memory is of the cave

-Elsanoth goes to procure Lady Joyworker Shandar to seek her counsel

-She, in turn, takes Elsanoth to Ulblyn Blackalbuck

-The three return to the Devil's Fire Tavern and formulate a plan for the slaves in concert with the Jeweled Edge

-After the plan is formulated, the party agrees to continue working with Ulblyn Blackalbuck, Melvaunt's resident Harper


NPC Listing

Daniri Lathen - A tattooed slave from Scardale, eager for revenge and membership with the Jeweled Edge
Ulblyn Blackalbuck - Halfling. Melvaunt's resident Harper. Very secretive. Very serious.

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