Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 11

Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
2/2/07 Start Time: @ 7:30 pm
Module: The Feast of the Moon
Uktar 29 - The Feast of the Moon, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic


-Arriving at the gates of Melvaunt (short one horse, and hauling the corpse of a Bulette), the Jeweled Edge are warmly welcomed home.

-Elsanoth and Esvelle beat the streets for a buyer for their Bulette corpse.

-A representative of the Lord of Keys purchases the Bulette corpse.

-After nearly a month in the Wild Thar, the Jeweled Edge seeks relaxation in their own ways.

-Elsanoth soaks in a tub and has Ananara (tavern maid) fill him in on goings-on.

-Esvelle rests and pampers herself in preparation for her return performance at the Crow's Nest.

-Bartolous and Daniiri visit Andolyn and Gendrew at the Magic Mushroom, and assist in filling a slew of orders for the upcoming Holiday.

-Angorn sets immediately back to work at Corkin Markov's smithy preparing for his upcoming guild interview.

-Davram excuses himself, and asks his companions not to seek him until after the Feast of the Moon.

-Ulblyn Blackalbuck informs Elsanoth that the tattooed slaves are somehow tied to a Dwarven taskmage named Theoderus.

-Elsanoth is later tailed by an unsavory fellow, but manages to give him the slip.

-Bartolous and Daniiri are accosted in the street and warned to give up on the tattooed slaves if they value their lives.

-The party determines to investigate Theoderus.

-Theoderus proves significantly less than hospitable, and the Jeweled Edge must break-in to meet him. They are met by spells, traps, and animated objects.

-Theoderus is killed by Bartolous in a less than orthodox Mage Duel.

-It is discovered that Theoderus has enchanted some particularly dangerous items and passed them on to Ganza's Arms and Armor.

-The Jeweled Edge resolves to "see about" these enchanted items.

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