Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 12

The Cursed Warehouse
Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
2/9/07 Start Time: @ 7:30 pm
Module: The Feast of the Moon
The Feast of the Moon- Nightal 2, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic


- Having found criminal evidence in the residence of the late Theoderus Stoneblood, The Jeweled Edge pursues the trail seeking to vindicate his killing.

- After achieving an accord with Jemel Ganza, of Ganza's Arms and Armor, Elsanoth informs his companions of their next mission.

- The sub-basement Four Quarters Warehouse is where the items sought by the Jeweled Edge lie.

- These items, when wielded kill the wielder and bring him back as a wight.

- The bodies of those slain were sold surreptitiously to the Resting Place of the Whip, a temple to Loviatar.

- Their progress through the sub-basement is hotly contested by blood-chilling undead shadows.

- After being critically wounded and seriously distressed by some tactical decisions, Elsanoth abandons the search leaving his party members to their own devices.

- On their own, the remainder of the Jeweled Edge battle a Wight, two Gricks, and a rampaging Xorn, coming near death but ultimately triumphing.

- The Jeweled Edge is briefly puzzled by the presence of the Wight, since all bodies were said to have been removed.

- On the body is discovered a note, revealing that this fellow was a thief sent to acquire the same items sought by the Jeweled Edge, commisioned by "J.S."

- A day after these exploits, they are commissioned by Lord Woarsten Nanther to seek his lost son for a prize of 1,000 platinum pieces.

- After extensive investigation, it is thought that Young Nanther and four of his friends had been planning to become "adventurers." They fell in with the reknowned dwarven Orc-Slayer Dorn Crownshield, and set out on the Glister trail in search of Orcish Ruins in Secret.

- The Jeweled Edge makes preparations to pursue the Scions of Melvaunt.



Jemel Ganza- Proprietor of Ganza's Arms and Armor in southern Melvaunt.
Woarsten Nanther- Lord of House Nanther

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