Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 15

Sons of Gruumsh III
Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
3/2/07 Start Time: @ 8:00 pm
Module: Sons of Gruumsh
Nightal 12, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic


- Combat unfolds messilly in the hall of the Orc King, the Jeweled Edge displaying an intersting combination of bravery, bravado, recklessness, careful consideration, and the ability to survive blows that would easilly down a heavy warhorse. For their part, the Orcs reacted with some surprising tactics and fierce blows. Not fierce enough as it turned out... The combat was so large and so wild that I have to impart at least these scenes from it:

1) In answer to the Orc Champion's call, a wyvern from the courtyard barrells through the front wall lashing out with its tail. Davram learns the power of its sting as its barbs protrude from his chest and he begins coughing poison.

2) "Just keep firing!" Bartolous screamed. "We'll be safe up here for now!" It was at that moment that he learned what potion the orc berserkers had imbibed as they flew up through the ruined roof to bring death to him.

3) Gorg, Xul Jarak's chief cook ran to the tavern to raise the alarm. He howled in astonishment as he discovered every denizen of the tavern to be dead. He ran on to the bathrooms to rouse the defenders... and found a pair of his companions bloody and half stuffed into the latrines. On he ran to the front guard room... and found the floor littered with corpses. Gorg, being a prudent cook, ran for a way out of Xul Jarak.

4) "Surrender!" Elsanoth ordered the human clergyman. "Who are you! What are you doing here!" The Zhentish Priest of Bane blithely replied, "Good adventurer! I am Livikus, an ordained warpriest of Torm the True, foe of all that is evil, bad, and naughty. I am here negotiating safe passage for a band of merchants in order to preserve innocent life. Oh my, you've suffered grievous wounds! May I heal you?" To which Elsanoth replied, "Definitely, it sure is nice to see a friendly face..."

- From there, the party re-supplied from the corpses of their foes, and headed into the sub-basements to seek the Scions of Melvaunt.

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