Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 14

Sons of Gruumsh II
Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
2/23/07 Start Time: @ 9:00 pm
Module: Sons of Gruumsh
Nightal 8-12, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic


The Jeweled Edge continues their trek to Xul Jarak to rescue the Scions of Melvaunt...

- Four days after our last entry, the Jeweled Edge have arrived at Xul Jarak.

- The previous two days, in addition to the day of arrival have been characterized by Downpour conditions (The Melvaunt Monsoon season continues).

- Coated in mud, sweat, and rain, the Jeweled Edge makes their approach towards the breached Western Wall.

- Danirri, animates a rope that allows the Jeweled Edge to climb up a 20' sheer hill side to the base of the Western Wall.

- Elsanoth, the first up, scouts the area, identifying the nearest guards, and makes a shocking discovery... a Sleeping Wyvern in the Courtyard!

- Thinking more like a Thief and Assassin and less like a fearfully bumbling adventurer, Elsanoth proposes that a strike team ascends the wall and silently eliminates the guards atop the walls.

- Elsanoth, Davram (who shed his armor for stealth), and Esvelle, make their ascent.

- The miserable weather has worn down the attentiveness of the orcish archers, and they fail to notice the approach of the strike team.

- Post by post, one by one, the orcish archers fall before the hateful blade of Davram Dvorak and are caught, before they fall, by Elsanoth New Moon to be disposed of quietly.

- The rest of the Jeweled Edge now follows slowly in the wake of the strike team.

- The Archer to the South East fails to die in one blow and lets out a death cry.

- Strangely enough, the death cry is lost in a crack of thunder. The everwatching gods are profusely thanked.

- The gatehouse is assaulted next, stealth being sacrificed for a swift end. The hope being that the gatehouse is sufficiently isolated that none of the other inhabitants would hear the maelstrom of combat over the storm.

- All goes to plan, and the gatehouse orcs are slaughtered wholesale, their bodies and blood so thick on the ground that they must be walked on top of, and the Jeweled Edge finds their boots slick with blood.

- The final room on the isolated South end of Xul Jarak appears to be a tavern. Massing in the Jakes, the Jeweled Edge uses cunning and violence to bring the tuskers to slaughter.

- Exhausted by a 20 mile march, a 40 foot climb, and the slaughter of better than 30 orcs thus far, the Jeweled Edge takes a few moments to take their ease among the corpses in the Tavern, drinking the wine that they brought with them, and gnawing on swiftly molding rations.

- Reascending the Wall, the Jeweled Edge makes their way to the upper floor of the Keep. Taking their time, the discover a guard room where four orcs yet remain.

- They spring in bringing blades and spells swiftly to bear, the surprise orcs quickly falling... literally.

- It is only midway through this attack that members of the Jeweled Edge realize that the southern wall to this room is missing, in addition to wide portions of the floor.

- The dead orcs tumble down to the first floor, into the great hall of the Orcish Champion Vhazror the Wyvern Rider. 20 or so of his favorite Orcish berserkers and ogre mercenaries wait in attendance. All stare upward toward the now plainly visible members of the Jeweled Edge.

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