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Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

1370 DR

Wulgar of Hillsafar Hall in the Galena Mountains is a well respected and accomplished student of Thoror Irondelver, a dwarven defender, who is grooming Wulgar to follow in the traditions of that most respected dwarven discipline.  Until that time, Wulgar is working as a caravan guard for his clan's mining interests, traveling to the human settlements to sell their wares.

Though the entire event is a misunderstanding, Wulgar is found in a compromising position with the daughter of one of Hillsafar Hall's Elder Councilmen, in a bath.  Wulgar is proven to be completely innocent of any wrongdoing, but being a very private and prideful dwarf, Wulgar vows to leave until his accomplishments are so great that no in the Hall will remember the embarrassing incident.

Wulgar travels with a caravan into Damara, then hires on as a guard and makes the trek all the way to Cormyr, hoping to find his glory far from the laughing eyes of his clan members.  While most of the caravan guards gamble with dice and cards in their free time, Wulgar plays chess with the merchants and passengers, and reads anything relating to history or philosophy that he can get his hands on, at least in part to help him understand the humans that he will be among for a while.

Meriden Greystag, a native Cormyrean, finishes his training as a cleric of Helm at the relatively small Shrine of He Who Watches Over Travelers in Arabel.  After his ordination, Novice Watcher Meriden Greystag is assigned to say blessings over the travelers that come to the shrine.  While many caravan guards and mercenaries come to receive Helm's blessing, Meriden also hears the grumblings of those who have come to disparage Helm's faith, blaming Helm for the death of many of the gods, and accusing the Helmite priesthood of virtually enslaving the population of the far off lands of Maztica.  Meriden realizes then that his calling within the priesthood is to restore Helm's good name and the good will of the common folk of the North.

Wulgar and Meriden meet when Wulgar's caravan arrives in Arabel.  Wulgar immediately likes the young cleric, and the two spend much of the quiet winter visiting taverns, debating philosophy, and playing chess.  The two make plans to travel as soon as Meriden's superiors give him an assignment that allows him to travel.

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