Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

1371 DR

Meriden eventually receives permission to hire on as a caravan guard and healer for the shrine, allowing him to travel with his friend Wulgar.  Before the two can make their first trip together, however, travel is severely limited within Cormyr, first by the wide ranging attacks of the Ghazneths, then by the orc hordes and suddenly proliferating goblin army, and finally due to the sightings of the dragon Nalavara.

When Arabel itself is besieged, Meriden does what he can to heal the purple dragon's that are injured defending the wall.  When Arabel is finally compromised and the War Wizards begin to evacuate the population to Suzail, Wulgar and Meriden are among the last to leave, defending the shrine and the wounded nearby until they can be safely moved. 

After the death of the dragon Nalavara and King Azoun IV, Meriden travels to Tilverton looking for the other priests of Helm from his shrine, whom he was separated from during the chaos of the evacuation.  After he finds a few of them at the shrine, he is told to travel and follow the calling that Helm has given him, that of restoring the name of Helm across the North.

Meriden and Wulgar hit the trade road in the fall, traveling towards the communities of Mistledale.

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