Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Highharvestide 1371 DR

Meriden and Wulgar make their rounds of Ashabenford.  Wulgar runs afoul of Multhimer the merchant, who finds the dwarf far too pushy and blunt, and the two rapidly begin trading insults before Meriden takes over negotiations and calms both parties down.  Wulgar also visits Almaes the Alchemist, an absent minded gnome that drives Wulgar to distraction.

Meriden and Wulgar take in the food and drink at the festival, and they both marvel at the voice of Jhaer Brightsong, and elven bard that makes her home, at least part of the time, in Ashabenford.  Wulgar is smitten with the bard and follows her home after her performance, and Meriden has to gently remove Wulgar from Jhaer's front steps before the elf became too uncomfortable around her emphatic new fan.

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