Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Eleint 1371 DR

Elient 30th, 1371 DR

Meriden and Wulgar are nearing Mistledale when the come across an older traveler in worn leathers being accosted by a small band of goblins, which Meriden and Wulgar can place as refugee Grodd goblins that have made their way north out of Cormyr.  Wulgar and Meriden dispatch the goblins and help the man up. 

The man, who never gives his name, tells them that he is an old ranger, and in exchange for their kindness, he would give them a gift.  The old ranger casts a charm on a dog and an eagle that he is traveling with, giving the eagle to Meriden and the dog to Wulgar.

The pair make it into Ashabenford in the evening, and they stay at the White Hart Inn.  Holfast Harpenshield tells them of the Highharvestide festival planned for the next day, and they spend some time exchanging news from Cormyr with Holfast old adventuring stories and advice.

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