Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Marpenoth 21st - Uktar 25th 1371 DR

Meriden and Wulgar spend the next month getting their rented homestead up to their standards, Meriden spends time with Naurvintha, and Wulgar puts in inquiries to Multhimer about armor and equipment that he wants.  The two ask around about jobs, and speak to locals about what is going on in the region.

Wulgar gets to be a bit friendlier with Almaes, even indulging him with some of his inventions, and Wulgar speaks with all of the councilors, except for Sister Alena, about his proposed new temple to Helm that he wishes to have built outside of Pelden's Helm, near the Beast Country.

On the 25th, a representative from a merchant in the town of Glen, a dwarf named Chorn Stoneturner, arrives looking for Wulgar of Hillsafar Hall.  Apparently Wulgar's fame has spread to Glen, and the merchant, Bronguld Ironfurrow, wishes to invite him to spend some time in Glen before the winter snows make the roads difficult to travel.  Chorn tells them they he will buy all of their provisions for the trip. 

The pair, tired of networking and training, decide they could use some adventure before the winter snows trap them in town, and so they agree to travel with Chorn.

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