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Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Uktar 1371 DR

Uktar 26th-27th, 1371 DR

After the provisioning with Chorn in Ashabenford, the pair set off.  The first two days of travel are relatively uneventful, with only a few meetings with some merchants hurrying home before the winter and a patrol of Mistledale Lancers.  The pair spend a good deal of time making friends with Chorn and speaking of Glen.


Uktar 28th, 1371 DR

Traveling during the daytime, the group has little to note except for some falling flurries marking the nearness of the coming winter.  When the group breaks out the tents for the night, on the second watch, things become far more interesting.

A wandering troll arrives in camp, and Wulgar hurriedly awakens Meriden and Chorn.  The three fight a furious battle with the troll, and both Chorn and Wulgar get wounded greatly in the fight.  Meriden is kept busy by healing both of his companions, and eventually they manage to outfight and outlast the troll. 

Wulgar and Chorn throw the troll into the campfire, and all three move their tent further down the trail and set up a new camp away from the burned troll smell.


Uktar 29th-30th, 1371 DR

The rest of the travel on the road, including the crossing of the bridge over bridge at Sword's Creek.  They arrive at Glen with little more effort after the attack of the troll, and they have grown close to Chorn.  When they first arrive in Glen, however, they find a crisis occurring.

A dwarven young lady is threatened by a magical construct, a hammerer, that has gone wild.  Chorn, Wulgar, and Meriden quickly charge the construct in order to save the young lady trapped by the creature.

Wulgar and Meriden are gravely wounded by the automaton, but Meriden manages to heal Wulgar and send him back to the fight.  Chorn is then wounded, and while Meriden takes care of their new friends wounds, Wulgar finishes off the hammerer by battering in its control levers.

The young lady, Yrend, is the daughter of Bronguld Ironfurrow.  He is quite pleased with the pair, and sets them up in the The Dark Door Inn, a place slightly uncomfortable for Meriden, but which he graciously accepts.

They spend the night drinking dwarven ale and garnet wine  (which Wulgar is particularly fond of) and they learn of the Feast of the Dead taking place tomorrow, and are invited to participate.  They chat amicably with Bronguld, and Wulgar learns that Yrend is very scholarly and a bit shy, but very knowledgeable.  Wulgar finds that very intriguing, and Yrend begins to teach him how to play sava.

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