Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

The Feast of the Moon 1371 DR

Meriden and Wulgar attend the Feast of the Dead, where they eat dwarven cuisine  (such as purple worm soup and roast boar in mushroom sauce) and drink more dwarven ale and garnet wine.  After the feast the clan heads recount the deeds of those who have fallen in the last year, and a local dwarven bard sings tales of the most honored dead of the clans of the dwarves dwelling in Glen. 

After the clan recitations, the clerics of Moradin, Dumathoin, and Marthamor Duin recited blessings over those in attendance, and ask for their guidance through the winter and into the next year. 

Chorn, now good friends with the pair, confides in them the secrets of the Low Road, the route into the Underdark under the Dark Door Inn.  He also lets slip the fact that a dwarf in Glen can procure and sell fertilized dragons eggs.

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