Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Spring 220 DR


Meriden and Wulgar arrive in an area of Faerun that is not in the grips of winter, though they begin to recognize many of the features that they had assumed were the geographical features of the Dales, and are quite interested at the similarities between the region that they are in and the region that they just left.

They realize that they have not asked the elf her name, nor how they are getting back, and begin to wonder if they have been en spelled.  They travel deep into the forest, on a path described by their employer, leading to a hill.  As they near their destination, they are attacked by hobgoblin raiders.

They defeat many of the raiders, but the last of them they interrogate, and he explains that they are in elven lands, in Cormanthyr, and that they are likely no more welcome than his hobgoblin band is.  The pair let the hobgoblin go at this point and stop to make camp.

Meriden has a guess at what might have occurred, and stays deep in prayer until he falls asleep.  In his sleep, he is visited by a justicator that tells Meriden that his current job threatens the order and balance of the Realms.  He then sees a map showing the elven realm of Myth Drannor, but all around are empires of hobgoblins and orcs, and he has further visions of his native Cormyr under the rule of fiends enslaving primitive humans.

Meriden tells Wulgar that he believes that he has been sent into the past, and that somehow the item they are carrying might strengthen Myth Drannor, but doom the human lands that surround Cormanthyr.  They both decide to get some answers from the elf they are to drop the package off with.

On the way to the elf's abode, they see a wizards streaking out of the sky, down toward the elf's abode.  The elf engages the human in battle, and the human's escorts, abyssal evicerators, attack Meriden and Wulgar.

The two manage to battle the fiends to the death and survive, and then the elf and the human plummet to the ground in a huge ball of flame.  A figure crawls out of the crater, and the elf is the survivor. 

Kaeldarra Sethdreniil, a moon elf mage, explains to them that the human that she just fought and killed was a Netherese refugee, a student of Jeriah Chronos, who had used the Chronomancer's spells to keep himself young for centuries.  Kaeldarra claims his spellbook, then asks the pair who they are.  Meriden is hesitant to let her know who they are, but lets her know that they have something that they were to give to her, but are reticent to pass on.

At this point, a human male with a sharp hawk-like nose arrives, and tells them that he was guided here by Mystra.  He knows that the artifact is something that should not be utilized, and asks about the two adventurers.  After hearing about where they have come from, the man buries the artifact and places wards around it, then asks the two about their home.  When he learns that they are from the future, he tells them that he cannot send them back, but that he can put them in stasis until someone in their time can retrieve them.

The man assures them that Mystra will make sure that someone will bring them out of stasis in the proper time, and introduces himself as Elminster Aumar, late of Athalantar.

The pair goes into stasis, leaving their eagle, dog, and horses behind.

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