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Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Hammer 1372 DR

Hammer 25th, 1372 DR

Novice Watcher Meriden Greystag and Wulgar Browniefriend of Hillsafar Hall are dug up from the place in the ground where they have been placed in stasis.  When the two come to full consciousness, they meet an old mage with a white beard with a hawk-like nose.  Hell tells the two that he is very busy, but he has a gift that Kaeldarra had made for them, a keen bastard sword and a keen dwarven war axe.  He then tells them that his pipe will stay behind and lead them to where they need to go in Shadowdale to get them situated.

Meriden and Wulgar are lead to the Old Skull in Shadowdale, and Wulgar meets up with a group of dwarves heading back to Glen.  He says his farewell to his friend Meriden, and tells him that he hopes to meet up with him again soon, but for now he has plans to make.

“Axes high friend, I go.”


Hammer 26th-30th, 1372 DR

Meriden checks into the Old Skull Inn, makes inquiries about traveling in the winter, and notices the other people that are currently staying in the Inn.  Meriden has now seen an elf, a half-ogre, a red haired warrior woman traveling with a person in deep cloaks and a hood, and two adventuring parties.

Meriden realizes that the half-ogre is a monk dedicated to Helm.  He introduces himself to her and finds out that her name is Emen, and that her master was attached to the temple to Helm in Tilverton.  Meriden buys Emen a drink, which immediately has an effect on her. 

The pair watch as a young elf, apparently a moon elf, walks up to the red haired swords woman to talk to her, unsuccessfully.  As Meriden moves to talk with the woman himself, the elf speaks with the half-ogre Emen. 

At this point in time, a member of one of the adventuring companies begins to make fun of the half-ogres appearance, and to defend his new friend, the elf, named Mourn, transforms into a wolf in the middle of the taproom.  Someone in one of the company shouts “werewolf!” and several silver weapons are drawn and several spell casters begin to chant.

Meriden pulls out his own silver bastard sword, but the swords woman pushes past him, as does the cloaked figure.  As the adventurers advance on the wolf-elf, the swords woman whispers to her hooded companion.  She announces that she will deal with the werewolf, and for everyone else to back off and leave it to her.  This gives the wolf time to bound out the window and head toward the trees.

The swords woman speaks to Meriden and tells him that her friend is a paladin, and that he senses no evil in the elf-wolf.  Emen leaves with the swords woman and the hooded figure to find the elf-wolf. 

When Emen catches up with the elf-wolf Mourn, Mourn explains to Emen that he is lythari, elf werewolves that are not evil, but that he needs a body guard and some clothes to disguise himself with.  Emen agrees to take the commission, and sets off to find him clothes and tells him that she will leave the window of her room open for him to get back into the inn.

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