Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Ches 1372 DR

Ches 4th, 1372 DR

The party is ambushed by a group of gnolls that begin their assault with bows.  The party closes on them, and Meriden uses a spell to shatter one of their battle axes.  The group makes short work of the bestial creatures.


Ches 5th, 1372 DR

The party reaches the violent, stormy region known as the Desert's Edge, and Neddivel takes the horses and leaves to meet up with the Purple Dragon patrol that they met days earlier, and from there travel back to Tilverton.

As the group passes into the stormy region, Mourn's hawk returns to him, aggravated and afraid desperately about the creature he saw in the air.  As a precaution, Meriden casts several protectives spells on his companions, as well as increasing Wulgar's strength.

The creature lands in front of them, and they see that it is a blue dragon, only a bit larger than a human.  It introduces itself as Vesistyrvran, and demands a tribute to his master, the Blue Suzerain Malagrys.  He also demands to know what outsiders are doing in Anauroch.

Meriden tries to convince Vesistyrvran that they should ally, as the Shadovar could be a threat to the Blue Suzerain as well, but the blue laughs at Meriden, proclaiming that Malygrys is allied to the Shadovar.  He begins to fly away, and as a parting gift fires his breath weapon at Meriden and Morn, badly injuring Meriden, and seriously injuring Mourn and knocking him out cold.

Emen realizes that the dragon cannot be allowed to escape to warn the Shadovar, and so dives at the creature and drags it down, grappling with it and keeping its head pointed up and its wings pinned.

Meriden revives Mourn and heals himself, and Mourn fires an acid arrow at the creature from his wand, striking its wing.  The dragon batters Emen with its tail, trying to break her hold and beginning to wound her.  Wulgar swings his axes, but it first gets deflected by the dragon's wing.  Grim sneaks in closer to the beast while Emen continues to wrestle with it. 

Wulgar manages several powerful swings, seriously wounding the beast and hewing through its tough scales, and Grim manages to slide his dagger deep into the wounds and find a vital spot, killing the dragon before can further batter Emen, who is now badly bruised and battered from the tail.

The party proceeds to cut several body parts from the creature for potential use later.


Ches 6th, 1372 DR

A sandstorm blows up and the party takes shelter in a nearby ruin.  The ruin is relatively small, at least the accessible regions of it, but Wulgar manages to find a magical trap from ages gone by, and when he accidentally triggers the trap, he is turned into an insubstantial shadow. 

Meriden receives a vision from Helm showing him the importance of his mission, and assuring him that someone will rescue the dwarf and restore him, and that the dwarf will be safe in his current form from almost any harm.  Meriden must press on. 

The party reluctantly leaves.  Wulgar nods his ascent to his friend, gesturing to him to be brave as they press on.


Ches 7th, 1372 DR

The party comes across a corpse in the desert, apparently a tomb robber of some kind.  When they get close, the corpse jumps up and attacks the monk, slashing her with its claw, and grabbing her, drawing the water from her blood through the open wound.

Emen breaks the undead thing's grip, and Meriden manages to turn the creature.  Having determined that it is carrying magical items, the party stalks the creatures, and Meriden breaks his turning to slash the creature in half.  They manage to find a wand that identifies magic items, and a headband and gloves that might increase a persons ability to find traps, disable them, and open locks.  They also find several damaged scrolls that would miscast if used.


Ches 8th, 1372 DR

The group arrives at the Kho-Sivhat Oasis, controlled by the Shikalla tribe of Bedine, a particularly honorable tribe that had even worked with Purple Dragon patrols on the Desert's Edge hunting down evil humanoids.  The party approaches the way their research has indicated, and they allow a representative of the tribe to relay their wish to enter the oasis to Sheik Ari Bin Arikat, leader of the Shikalla.

Arikat allows them to enter, and find him already speaking with representatives of another tribe.  When he is done with the other Bedine, he turns to the outsiders, and Grim, utilizing his knowledge of the Bedine, presents the alliance between the Shadovar and the Zhentarim, and Meriden presents them with gifts of food and water from the church of Helm. 

Arikat is favorable toward them, and his other guest, Alir Kir'Akin of the Cult of the Sacred Skull, speaks with them.  He tells them that their holy skull, an artifact through witch their deceased ancestors speak with them, has told them of a way to break the alliance between the Shadovar and the Zhentarim.  Kir'Akin also tells them that they have allied themselves with the Harpers through the Harper Witch Ruha, who has recently began to organize Bedine tribes against the Shadovar. 

A group of Shikalla warriors working with Sacred Skull Cultists and the Harpers would sneak an item into a Zhent camp for the Shadovar to discover, then allow them to begin fighting over what the Shadovar would perceive as a theft of their property.  They want the party to raid a nearby ruin and obtain an artifact that is necessary for this plot.

The party agrees, and gets directions to the ruin, a place considered holy to a band of renegade Bedine outcasts, sorcerers and murders who worship the god Na'sir, god of the dead, whom they regard as equivalent with Cyric.


Ches 9th-10th, 1372 DR

Traveling at night and resting by day, utilizing some gear from the church and some from the Shikalla, the group moves closer to the ruins.  They end up encountering an enormous vulture, a creature considered sacred to Na'sir.  As the creature flies closer, the group notices that it has a symbol of Cyric on its neck, and its stench makes Meriden sick, though Emen is fine.

Emen does serious damage to the creature, though it manages to fly straight up then dive onto the sickened Meriden before it dies.


Ches 11th, 1372 DR

The party scouts out the guards on the ruins below them in the dunes.  After counting out how many guards there are and trying to pick out the spell casters, Mourn shifts to wolf form, Grim makes himself invisible with a potion and sneaks in behind the guard that appears to be an arcane spell caster, and Meriden charges forward to make a distraction.

Meriden appears to be feebleminded from the sun to the guards, who laugh at his antics.  When they let their guard down, Grim slits the throught of the sorcerer, instantly killing him.  Emen and Mourn charge forward to join the fight, and when he gets closer, Mourn shifts back to elf form, naked and carrying the wand that he charged forward with in his mouth.

Emen dispatches the divine spell caster, and Mourn fires several magic missiles into the guards, and Meriden and Grim dispatch their guards on their side of the ruin entrance as well.  Emen is faced with three guards.  She grapples the one in the middle, and when the other two go to either side of her, she drops the grappled guard and strikes and kills the ones on either side of her.  One guard, trying to jump down on her from above, trips and lands face first in the sand.

Before she can return to fighting the one she dropped, Meriden hurls his bastard sword across the entrance at him, burying it in his forehead.

Mourn gets dressed, and the party searches the bodies, finding a key.  Before opening the doors to the temple crypt ruins, Grim checks for and disarms a trap on the door.

Entering the room, they meet another group of guards.  The guards go down quickly, although the arcane spell caster nearly roasts Grim with a fire spell before being killed.

The next chamber is huge, and has two large crystal skulls on either side, 10 feet tall, and adorned with Loross symbols and symbols of the god Jergal.  On the double doors at the far end, the party notices a shifting, glowing symbol. 

Grim does not know how to disarm the shifting glyph, but does discern the symbols for lightning and shadow.  Emen starts hurling bodies at the glyphs, hoping to set them off.  The lightning glyph does go off, striking the corpse and the monk as well, though the divine spell casters quickly heal her.  Finally, they simply open the doors, triggering the shadow glyph, but avoiding its effects.

The next room is a huge crypt, with several stone cairns and an altar at the far end.  There is also a skeletal creature wearing chain mail and holding a large black iron mace.  The creature moves with some intelligence, and Meriden immediately casts silence on the creature.

The skeletal creature, wearing robes of Jergal and a holy symbol of Cyric, swings its mace at Emen, wounding her, but surprised at the lack of damage done to her.  Her fists manage to damage the skeletal form of the creature slightly.  Mourn fires an acid arrow at the creature that strikes it solidly.  Grim's dagger has no effect on the creature, and Meriden's sword has very little effect.

The creature strikes Meriden and his mace pumps unholy energy into the cleric, injuring him even more than the blow did.  Grim drops his daggers, grabs his staff with both hands, and swings with all of his might at the mace to knock it out of the creature's hands.  Mourn casts a spell on himself to improve is accuracy in combat.

Grim manages to disarm the creature, and he grabs the mace.  The mace courses with evil energies that damage the druid, and he throws the maces as far away from the creature as he can.  Mourn uses his new accuracy to throw a flask of alchemist's fire at the undead, catching it on fire. 

The unarmed creature reaches out and touches the monk, injuring her greatly and nearly paralyzing her.  Meriden uses his newfound abilities as an Initiate of Helm to summon the Mace of Odo, and strikes the creature, wounding it greveiously.  Mourn throws another flask of alchemist's fire, missing the creature, but setting his altar on fire, and catching the creature with a burning ember from the altar.  It is still on fire and taking damage from his acid arrow.

Nearly dead, but not wanting to see her friends suffer, Emen charges forward and bear hugs the undead priest, crushing some of its ribs before the creature manages to break the hold on him.  Meriden douses the creature with holy water, and Grim heals the almost dead monks wounds.

Charging in with more holy water, Meriden attacks from one side, and the newly healed, but still wounded, Emen charges from the other side.  They manage to destroy the creature, and Grim pumps a healing spell into the remains to make sure it is destroyed.  Meriden douses it with holy water and blesses it.

In the remains, they find a small pulsing black sphere, the size of a marble, and put it in a bottle to bring with them.  The temple begins to sink and take on sand, and the group runs out of the chamber, toward the entrance.  The lythari briefly notices that there is a secret door in one of the crystal skulls, but they do not have time to investigate.

Shortly after the party leaves the entrance, the temple crypt to Jergal, newly reconsecrate to Cyric, sinks forever beneath the sands of Anauroch.


Ches 12th, 1372 DR

After traveling for a day, the party spots several flying figures in the air.  Afraid of trouble, Meriden beings casting defensive spells and enhancements, and they take cover.  Eventually the figures are close enough for Grim to spot as metallic dragons.

Harper rangers, a male named Urlvrick and a female named Reinigear, riding brass dragons have arrived to collect the artifact and to proceed with the plan that they have worked out with the Bedine.  Urlvrick and his dragon, Nearvaniskilligrandar, will meet with the Bedine and proceed to the Zhent outpost.  Reinigear and her dragon, Vhulstigannigorigan, will fly the group back to Tilverton if they wish to go.

The party mounts up on Vhulstigannigorigan, who is very curious about them and talks incessantly.  Grim is especially thrilled to have a conversation with the dragon about anything that pops into the talkative dragon's mind.


Ches 13th-16th, 1372 DR

Vhulstigannigorigan flies the party back over the Stonelands, near the Thunder Peaks, and down into Tilver's Gap outside of Tilverton.  Despite the wishes of Meriden, who wants to land directly at the temple of Helm, Reinigear thinks it wise not to surprise the Purple Dragon garrison with any dragon landing in the middle of town in the wee hours of the morning, thus they land just outside the gates at sun up on the 17th.


Ches 17th, 1372 DR

Morn Ninefingers, the lythari, leaves in the middle of the night to hunt during the full moon, thus the party is reduced to Meriden, Grim, and Emen.  The three enter the gates to Tilverton, and are escorted to the Altar of Shields.  Meriden makes his report about the events in Anauroch.  The superiors at the temple tell Meriden that they will summon him later, and they give a new assignment to Emen, who will be escorting a cleric from the temple to the temple in Elturel. 

While staying at Grimwald's Revenge, Meriden runs into some dwarves of Glen, as well as a barbarian mercenary, a Tunlander, named Stilgar.  Stilgar and Meriden proceed to begin a drinking contest, and Stilgar manages to succeed where Wulgar and Emen both failed, drinking the cleric under the table. 

While Meriden is relaxing at the inn, Grim has returned to Gahlaerd Mossmere in order to see if he is willing to cast a teleport for them, to teleport them back to Mistledale.  Gahlaerd agrees and takes the money that Grim gives him, and Grim tells him they will be back once they arrange everything.

Realizing that they could use some muscle with Emen reassigned, Meriden decides to ask Stilgar if he is available to join the party.  Grim, upon seeing the state that Meriden is in, tells him that the Altar has sent for him, and the cleric panics.  Grim is quite amused at his joke.  The dwarves give Meriden something that works on his intoxication, and he sobers up quite considerably.

Eventually Meriden is summoned to the Altar of Shields, and his mission was deemed a success, and he is offered his next title to add to his rank.  They set the night of the ceremony as the next night, the night of the Spring Equinox.


Ches 18th , 1372 DR

Most of the day is spent with Meriden getting ready for the ceremony at the Altar of Shields, and Grim contacts the keepers of the grove of Silvanus to participate in their Spring Equinox ceremony.  Stilgar spends another day at Grimwald's Revenge. 

Both priests complete their ceremonies, and in the morning Meriden is awarded the title of Trusty.  He is now Trusty Watcher Meriden Greystag of the Order of He Who Watches Over Travelers.


Ches 19th, 1372 DR

Gahlaerd Mossmere casts a teleport for the party, and they arrive home in Mistledale, just a few miles outside of Ashabenford.  They stop by the house that Meriden rents in order to stow their gear, and then head out to Heresk Malorn's house. 

Meriden speaks with his prospective future father in law, explaining about what is going on and what their adventuring party has been doing, and about events that occurred when last he was in Mistledale.  Meriden also introduces Grim as Tobias, giving his alias, just in case.    He also finds out that the drow wizard that they captured has managed to escape captivity.

Meriden arranges a meeting with Naurvintha the next day, and the three travel to the White Hart inn to relax before retiring to Meriden's house for the evening.


Ches 20th, 1372 DR

Meriden sets off for his picnic with Naurvintha.  Haresk sends a paladin squire of Neylessa Shendean, leader of the Mistledale Lancers, escort the two on their picnic as a chaperon.  Meriden and Naurvintha formalize plans for a wedding at some point in the future.

Stilgar and Grim spend the day at the Velvet Veil, and are amazed at the catfolk, and especially the female centaur dancers that work for the establishment.

Now that Grim has picked up enough Sylvan to decipher some of the book he was given, Meriden, Grim, and Stilgar agree to try to use a fey crossroads the next day in order to travel back to Eveningstar and check in on Grim's druidic master.


Ches 21st-23rd, 1372 DR

About three hours away from Ashabenford is a point of entry to a fey crossroads.  The three adventurers set out and travel to this particular area, and upon arriving at the appointed region and summoning the Fey Guardian, the guardian demands to hear a gnomish joke. 

The three head back into Ashabenford, hoping that the alchemist Almaes will be able to give them a good joke to tell to the Fey Guardian.  While speaking to Almaes, the ghost of Gerlricks Cybondan appears and asks why his deed has not be delivered to his nephew and niece in Damara.

Meriden tells Gerlricks that they will be willing to go to Damara as soon as they check on Grim's master.  Grim asks if Gerlricks would come with them to tell the Fey Guardian an joke to open the crossroads. 

The guardian is happy to hear the gnomish joke, and lets the party pass into the crossroads, but the group is quickly met on the path within the crossroads by a nymph that asks a task of them.

The nymph tells them that an evil half devil dwarf creatures and a twisted ally of his managed to secure an artifact and began to warp the pathways within the fey crossroads.  She tells them that the crossroads are not functioning properly, and wants them to travel to the fortress of these beings and retrieve the artifact, a crystal rose, and return it to her.

While Grim is skeptical, the three realize that the crossroads really aren't working properly and they have to do something.  The three agree, and they travel down the path indicated by the Nymph toward the fortress.

The Nymph has warned the three not to take their eyes off each other or any items they carry, and not to leave the path that she has set them down.  After traveling for a while, they run into three ugly, gnome like creatures carrying swords.  The three order the party to halt, and they tell them to surrender. 

After refusing to surrender, the three gnome like monsters grow to over eight feet tall and charge to the attack.  Grim casts a spell to create a thorny patch of entangling plants to slow and damage the suddenly enlarged fey creatures. 

Meriden and Stilgar engage the first creature out of the brambles, badly wounded as it was.  The gnomish creature that managed to avoid the patch reaches out and grabs Grim, throwing him into his own patch.  The first creatures is finished off, and the second one is also quickly dispatched.  Grim manages to escape his own brambles, and the three finish the last gnomish creature, identified by Grim as spriggans.

The three  (as well as their horses and the gnomish ghost) travel on and find the fortress the Nymph indicated.  The building is woven from twisted plants entwined into a structure.  When Grim searches the front door, he finds a scything trap that he manages to set off before entering the place.

Afraid to leave their horses behind, the three bring their horses into the large front room.  When fully in the room, the party starts to feel slashing from something moving too quick to see.  Once the three are certain they are being attacked, each one carefully listens for any clues to give them a place to swing.  Eventually the slashing knives of the creatures knock Grim, then Stilgar, unconscious with the sleep poison on them.  Eventually Meriden manages to cut down all of the invisible creatures plaguing them.  Meriden recognizes them as quicklings from his earlier dealings with them.

Entering the next room, it is filled with mud, thigh high on the human adventurers.  Near the stairs at the back of the room hovers goblin like creatures with black moth wings.  One of them stats working a magical pump handle that actually sucks the water out of the mud, causing the ground to solidify around the group as they enter. 

The creatures fire magic missiles at the trapped adventures from the stairs, and the adventurers dig themselves out from the floor.  Just as they do so, the goblin-fey near the pump handle works it again, turning the room to mud.  The barbarian works his way to this creature before it could work the handle again, and puts it beyond mortal reach.

Meriden and Grim manage to finish off the other goblin-fey, and the group pulls themselves up to the stairs and work the pump handle to solidify the ground.  They walk the horses into the room and set the gnome ghost to watch them, they investigate two other doors.

In one room they find the corpse of a satyr in a cage, and a warning note about the trapped electrical cages, as well as some magical trinkets.  In the next room, they find a trapped Nymph in a cold iron cage, trapped in a manner similar to the first one.  She knows only a little about her captors.  By talking to her, Meriden realizes that one of the creatures that stole the artifact was the Durzagon that months ago kidnapped the child from Shadowdale.

Traveling up the stairs, a spiked length of vine shoots out at leg level, striking Grim and nearly hitting Stilgar and Meriden.  Grim stops and disarms the the vine trap again, and the three keep traveling upwards.  Grim, Stilgar, and Meriden see a room marked in Sylvan “throne room,” and Grim starts to check the door.  Stilgar tells Grim that he will open this one, and proceeds to walk forward and kick the door in.  A scythe trap slashes his leg. 

Meriden pulls Stilgar back away from the door and heals him.  The three walk into the room to see three large spriggans and a strange toad like creature with huge sharp teeth.  It screeches, but its sonic attack seems to do little to Stilgar and Meriden.  The two engage the Spriggans while the toad creature tries to enact some kind of spell.  Eventually the spriggans go down, and the toad creature attacks the barbarian.

The toad creature hits the ground, apparently dead.  Meriden stabs it again, and it begins to move to attack again, but Stilgar and Grim are both ready to attack, and they hack it to pieces and set it on fire.

The three enter a room that is apparently a harem, filled with red skinned female satyrs.  The creatures seem grateful, until the party goes to leave the room, at which point  the four creatures attack the men from behind.  After finishing off the creatures, the group walks over to the last remaining room.  Within it, they find a container that is trapped and warded.  Grim disarms the trap, but not the ward, and is blasted by lightning. 

Within is the crystal rose, and the three return downstairs to find the horses and the gnomish ghost all intact.  They return to the path within the fey crossroads, then meet up with the Nymph they first talked with, now accompanied by the Nymph that they freed from the fortress.  Reluctantly Grim hands over the rose, and they travel, finally, to the other side of the fey crossroads.


Ches 24th , 1372 DR

Arriving in the King's Forest, the group travels for a few hours to find the druid's cottage that Grim trained at.  The group decides to rest for a while after their ordeal in the crossroads.  Grim hears someone out in the wilds, and draws his silver dagger.  When the werewolves attack Grim calls out “werewolves.”  Meriden comes running with his silver sword, and the two engage the werewolves.  The barbarian sleeps for a bit yet.  After a bit more combat, the barbarian staggers out, sees the werewolves, and grabs his own silver dagger. 

Grim is bitten and uses a potion of levitation to take to the air.  He then pulls out his bow and pelts the werewolves from the air with silver arrows.  The three manage to finish off the party of wandering werewolves, and then finish their rest for the evening.


Ches 25th , 1372 DR

The group manages to make it to the druid's cottage, and Grim, traveling slightly ahead, hears voices within the hut.  He knocks on the door, and a crossbow bolt shoots out and strikes him in the shoulder.  A voice calls out telling him to surrender in the name of the King. 

Two purple dragon knights and a beautiful woman with ash blonder hair walk out of the cottage.  Tessaril Winter, Lord of Eveningstar, addresses them, telling them that she has been keeping an eye on the druid's cottage and that they had just driven off some werewolves in the area. 

One of the knights sneers at the Tunlander and the druid, but the Lady Tessaril corrects him.  Grim speaks with Tessaril, and she produces a tressym kit in response to his question about his master.  Grim finds out that his master, when being tortured by the werewolves, prayed to Meilikki to keep him around to pass on information to his protege, and she reincarnated him as a tressym.

Taldon Forestward, the druid turned tressym, tells Grim that the book is important to Meilikki, and imparts what he knows about it privately while Meriden and Stilgar head into Eveningstar to the Golden Unicorn and then to the Low Lantern to relax.  Grim utilized the herbs and other items in the druid's hut to make sure that the bite he sustained from the werewolves does not cause him to contract lycanthropy.

The gnome overhears much of the conversation with the tressym druid master and his student, and Grim makes the gnome swear to not pass on what he has heard, and is now even more committed to putting the gnome to rest so that he is no longer present to pass on Meilikki's secrets.


Ches 26th, 1372 DR

Stilgar, Meriden, and Grim, along with Gerlricks' ghost travel along to the clearing that contains the next fey crossroads guardian.  Just outside of the clearing, they hear fighting, and determine that two forest trolls are fighting for dominance. The trolls smell intruders, and start looking for the party.

Stilgar, Meriden, and Grim move in to attack the trolls.  Stilgar gets out his alchemist's fire, ready to go against their foes.  In the course of the battle, one of the forest trolls pulls Meriden off of his horse and begins to squeeze the life out of him.  After working on the first forest troll to free Meriden, the second forest troll gets ahold of Stilgar, snags him with both claws, and rends the flesh of the barbarian, seriously wounding the barbarian.

The other two come to Stilgar's aid, and the newly supported barbarian swing a powerful swing with his axe and separates the troll from his head.  The bodies are burned, and Meriden treats Stilgar's wounds.

In the clearing, the group gets ahold of Rhannidayn, a Fey Crossroads Guardian that is fond of druids, and asks Grim for proof of his druidic training.  Once they have a conversation in Druidic, the guardian opens the crossroads for the party.

Gerlricks and Grim confer once they step out of the crossroads, and they end up deciding that they are about two or three days north of Ashabenford in the forest.  They set out to their next destination, and manage to find the location of another fey guardian, Loastoar, who is enamored by tales of Myth Drannor.  After Meriden tells Loastoar about the time traveling adventure that he had, the guardian opens the crossroads for them.

Arriving in a forest that none of them recognize, after traveling for an hour or so, Grim feels the presence of druid wards that would indicate a sacred grove.  The group is soon surrounded by members of the druid's grove, followers of Silvanus.

The group asks for information on where Tellerth is, and the druids offer to send Lhoeriath, a member of the grove and an attractive half elven female.  Lhoeriath appears to be enamored of Stilgar, and flirts with him on the way to Tellerth.

In Tellerth, Gerlricks leads the group to a jeweler's shop run by his niece and nephew, and they enter and introduce themselves to the family members.  In the middle of the explanation Gerlricks chimes in, scaring the gnomishness out of his relations.  Killidaegra, a gnomish illusionist, and Swanart, a gnomish bard, agree to travel with the group back to Mistledale, and Killidaegra identifies several magical items that the group have found for them.

The group retires for the night at the Polten Inn, and Swanart regails them with a song about how Garl Glittergold stole Laogozed's tail.  He points out that he has several of the songs, several completely in gnomish that retain the original intent of the composer.  Stilgar takes Lhoeriath up on her offer to “spend some time together” and they slip of to the grove, where she points out that she wishes to have a child that is skilled in nature and powerful of form so as to guard the grove.  Stilgar considers this and then says, “why not.”


Ches 27th, 1372 DR

The group sets out for the next fey crossroads, traveling through the druid's grove, where Lhoeriath offers to let the party utilize the cleansing pool in the druid's grove.  They do so and then set out in the late morning hours for the next crossroads guardian.  Byaathegaarth is the next guardian, who is fond of stories about dragons, and so Swanart regails him with stories about Gareth Dragonsbane's dealings with the Platinum Dragon of Mount Celestia, and the destruction of the avatar of Tiamat.  Byaathegaarth lets them pass into the crossroads.

Upon arriving back in the Cormanthor forest north of Mistledale, Swanart, Killidaegra, and Gerlricks set off on their own, thanking the group for their efforts on the behalf of their family.


Ches 28th-30th, 1372 DR

After camping in the forest and getting ready to travel south back to Ashabenford, the group hears strange wind sounds, and eventually finds, in a clearing, a creature shaped like a funnel, with a tail stinger, spines in rows down its body, and a mouth at the wide end of the funnel with sharp teeth and four arms surrounding the maw.  They hear voices in their heads telling them to surrender and they will be used properly as minions.

The barbarian immediately charges in a rage toward the unnatural creature, and is savaged by its four arms and its mouth.  Meriden draws out a lion from his bag of tricks and sets it upon the strange funnel creature.  Grim ignites a blade of flame with a druidic spell and angles in for an attack.  The barbarian continues to hack violently at the creature as it slashes him with its claws.  It also manages to enact a spell that causes a dagger to hover near Meriden.

Grim attacks the creature with his flame blade, and it fails to harm it, and its magic is drank into the creature itself.  Meriden summons up a spiritual sword to attack the creature, and the dagger hovering near him attacks him.  The sword strikes the creature and is promptly absorbed by the creature.

The creatures stinger tears into the lion, and its claws keep tearing at the barbarian.  The creature also fires a bolt of darkness at Meriden and strikes him hard with a beam of dark energy. 

The barbarian Stilgar finally manages to get to the side of the creature after Grim stabs it in a vulnerable spot.  Stilgar screams in rage and cuts the beast in half with his great axe, spraying himself with the creatures ichor, and collapsing in exhausting afterwards.

By the 30th of Chess, the group manages to get home to Ashabenford.  After stowing their gear at the rental house, they travel to the Mistledale Lancers barracks, donating some of the magical armor that they had come by again.  The lance captain informs them that Neylessa will be happy for the donation, and tells the party about another adventuring party that is traveling through Mistledale, and may want to start a temple near the Beast Country themselves.  He tells them that they have done some jobs for Haresk, and Meriden marches straight toward Haresk's mansion.

Grim heads for Noristuor's tower, and sells some of the body parts of the creature, and gets information on it, learning a little about the Phaerimm. 

Meriden arrives at Haresk's and meets with the other party of adventurers.  Sir Varim Lhandrium, paladin of Sune, is the leader of the party, and his troop includes Brother Dorv of Sune, a cleric, Kelda, a half elven sorceress, and Candlegrip, a halfling swashbuckler.  They introduce themselves and then dismiss themselves from the adventurers they just met.  Haresk assures Meriden that Ashabenford is big enough for both groups.

The party goes back to Meriden's house to get some rest.

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