Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Tarsakh 1st - Kythorn 19th 1372 DR

Both Grim and Meriden realize that they need to spend some time in meditation to expand their spiritual powers, and Meriden spends some time in private mediation, while Grim travels north to the Abbey of Silvanus.  As spring caravans start to travel, Meriden also starts to bless all of the travelers that move through town, healing the wounded guards and merchants that have fallen afoul of bandits of all stripes.  Meriden and Grim also travel to Glen and find that Wulgar has been be returned to normal and is still working for his betrothed father.

So far, the weather has been horrible for farmers, with terrible droughts hitting most of the Heartlands, if the caravan guard's gossip is to be believed.  The clerics and druids at the abbey of Chauntea north of Ashabenford have been artificially working to keep at least enough rain to keep the crops locally healthy.  They have also sent many of their stores down through the Moonsea ride into Cormyr to aid that nation.

Stilgar travels with one of the caravans going into Cormyr as a guard so that he could visit his family in the Tun plains.  Stilgar is gone until Kythorn 12th, and he brings with him specific news that has only been hinted at by several travelers in the area.  Tilverton is gone.  All that is left is a crater filled with the ruins of some buildings that appear to have tumbled downward, almost like the aftermath of an implosion.

In the mean time, after having been badly wounded in the Beast Country, Varim's Band returns to Ashabenford, and decides to hunt drow bandits nearby.  They do this until they are badly ambushed, and locals start to say that they should worship Tymora instead of Sune due to their ability to survive.  Finally, they manage to defeat a green dragon and a band of trolls, and they begin to be taken much more seriously as heroes in the region.  They are not mentioning in their stories that the green dragon was quite young.

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