Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Kythorn 27th - Flamerule 2nd 1372DR

Upon returning home, the group provisions themselves and starts out to find the nearest fey crossroads.  On their way out of time, Ulaeda, a serving girl at the White Hart Inn, runs out to them and tells them that Holfast wants to talk with them.

When arriving at the White Hart, Holfast tells them that he still has some contacts from his adventuring days, and that he has a safehouse that he been maintaining for the Harpers.  He has been holding Naarsmul Tenthagin in the safehouse, waiting for an agent, but the Harpers have been distracted and not able to pick him up.  He is only a bookeeper from a Zhentarim merchant, but he could still prove very useful with what he knows.  He asks if the group will take him north to a farm in Shadowdale that he knows of, inhabited by a retired Harper ranger.

The three agree, and Stilgar and Meriden head north to where a tunnel from the safehouse comes out, while Grim travels in the tunnel with Naarsmul.  A few miles outside of Ashabenford, the whole group meets up, and starts to travel the Mistle trail north to Shadowdale.

Early in their travels, the group finds a narrow spot on the River Ashaba, greatly lessened due to the lack of rain, to cross over to the side opposite of the Mistle trail.  The group starts to travel north in the forest parallel with the river. 

The first night, the group runs into a group of rangers from the Mistledale Militia that are hunting in the forest trying to find a vampire and its minions that have been plaguing the area.  The group offers to share their camp  (after initial exchanges to make sure no one was a vampire), but the group says that they have lost contact with another band, and they are trying to stay active at night and camp during daylight hours, so as to not be caught unaware.  Meriden and Grim alter what powers they pray for from their deities.

Eventually, the party runs into a group of loggers sending deadfalls up toward Shadowdale on the river.  This gives the party an idea, as they will travel on the river and keep anything that cannot cross running water at bay.  For most of the trip on the river, they see only loggers and hunters on the banks.

The party gets off their barge only about a day away from their goal, and they get off on the banks and head toward the farmhouse in Shadowdale.

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