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Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Kythorn 20th - 26th 1372DR

Kythorn 20th, 1372 DR

Stilgar, Grim, and Meriden get together to discuss the events that have happened over the last few months.  The also plan out what they plan on doing next.  Grim wants to try out a fey gateway that leads closer to Silverymoon, and Grim and Meriden also agree that they should take a side trip to visit the child that they rescued at the beginning of the year, the baby with Matron Fleet in Stumphill.  Meriden also decides that he might wish to visit his family, and they may make a side trip to see Stilgar's people on the edge of the Marsh of Tun. 

Meriden talks to Naurvintha about going with, but she is already tied up with helping arrange matters for Shieldmeet and any local nobles and rulers that might be passing through the region soon.  She also chides Meriden on his lack of patience with Varim's Band, telling him that Varim is a good man at heart.  Meriden asks if he has hit on Naurvintha, and she says no . . . but Candlegrip the halfling swashbuckler has.


Kythorn 21st-26th, 1372 DR

Meriden, Grim, and Stilgar head out to Stumphill, and Grim fills Meriden and Stilgar in with what, in general, is going on about the book of fey crossroads and the responsibilities and quest associated with it.  Upon arriving, Grim checks up on his freed child as well, still the tallest person in Stumphill. 

Matron Fleet feeds the group well, and they spend some time with her and the child, then sleep outside of the home  (as its a bit more comfortable) on the hills.  While sleeping, Meriden feels a presence nearby, and he wakes to find a man in dark robes considering the Fleet household.

Meriden speaks with the man, asking him what he is doing, and Grim wakes up during this time as well.  They find that the man has an issue with Fzoul Chembryl, and apparently has some contacts within the Zhentarim, and he does not fully trust the wards put in place by the Harpers.

Stilgar wakes up, asks a very cogent question, and stuns everyone.  Then the mysterious man explains the child's history, that she was born to a mother that Fzoul had taken as a mistress while overtaken by Xvim.  The child is at least partly possessed by the power of Xvim, and Bane wants Fzoul to sacrifice all seven of his children that he had in this manner to Bane.  He has already sacrificed six of them.  The mysterious man then hands them a dagger and a scroll with the name of the family of the child's mother and their location in Hillsfar.  He mentions that the woman's husband was not pleased with her “service” to Fzoul. 

The dagger, according to the man, will send anyone killed with it to Kelemvor's throne of judgment.  If they use this on the child, its soul, as well as the fragment of Xvim's power, will not go directly to Bane.  He also offers to have an elven acquaintance of his cast the ward strengthening spells he spoke of, but the group declines his help.  The mysterious man calls his blood horse and flies off. 

Inside the house, the group asks Matron Fleet  if she can get ahold of Storm, and she uses an enchanted Harper pin to do so.  Storm tells the group that she is very busy right now, but that she will send a group of agents that she trusts implicitly that are very good at guarding important figures.  They arrange a password, and she tells them that they should be at Stumphill by the next day.

The group keeps watch, and the next day three adventurers, a female and two males, arrive, and cite their names as Sharantyr, Belkram, and Itharr.  They give the  password, and take possession of the child.  Meriden, Grim, and Stilgar take their leave of Matron, and head back to Ashabenford to finalize their plans.

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