Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Marpenoth 10th - Uktar 8th 1372DR

Grim travels to the Tower of Lurue to complete his training.  Meriden has his meetings with Coraddor about the design and plans for the temple.  Coraddor is told that he could have the clerics that have just completed their training in the temple as his staff.  After discussing the situation further, Meriden is directed to The Senior Vigilant Engineer Ulrunder Garnim, to make sure anything that must be in a temple of Helm is included.  Ulrunder says that he is too busy, but gives Meriden  Raesef Illusvar, a half-elf engineer working under him, to aid him in his plans. 

Stilgar tours several bars in the city as well as staying the night in a few of the parks.  He spends time at the Dancing Goat, The Bright Blade Brandished, and Helmer's Wall.  He runs into the gnome that was searching for magic items for Grim, and tells Stilgar that he can be found at Helmer's Wall if Grim wants to talk about merchandise.

At the Lady's College, Meriden talks to  Embreadal Thuuresk, the woman he was referred to by Elminster.  Embreadal decides to see if one of the Greenstone Amulets kept at the college might be able to be let go, and says that she will speak with High Mage Hornblade himself and have his representatives talk to Haresk's to see if an arrangement can be reached.  She also gives Meriden a note to give to Elminster when next he sees him.

Meriden is granted a new rank, becoming Alert Watcher Meriden Greystag.  Coraddor says that he will need this increased rank to be in charge of the project of building the temple, and that he may be granted the rank of Watchknight if he finds a suitable artifact or relic to place in the temple when it is built.

When Grim returns, Meriden and Stilgar go with him to Helmer's Wall to talk to the gnome, and the gnome, worried about a cleric of Helm being affiliated with the Knights in Silver, is on edge.  He sells Grim a possum pouch, a magic pouch that seals to one's flesh, becoming almost seamlessly part of the wearer. 

Grim goes to the Vault of Sages to have the code in his book translated.  After the Deneirath inspect the book and collect their donation to the temple, Grim learns that the code says that a key lies near the fey crossroads that open into Chult, and that the Hidden Heart is located in the High Forest, unlocked by the key from Chult, and that it must not be devoured by the followers of Malar.  The heart is special to Meilikki, and that unlocking its secret would make her happy, but if that is not possible, destroying it before the Malarites get it would be for the best. 

Grim, Stilgar, and Meriden discuss the overland travel to the Marsh of Tun, since Grim is reluctant to take a large group of clerics through the fey crossroads.  After finding a great deal of trouble along the trails leading back to the Marsh of Tun, they decide to go to the Lady's College and see if they can travel there magically.

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