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Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Uktar 9th - 30th 1372DR

Uktar 9th-14th, 1372 DR

The spell casters at the Lady's College take the image of Stilgar's home from his mind and use it to teleport them to his home, the caves hidden in the Marsh of Tun.  Stilgar and his companions appear in the caverns that his mother lives in.  The caves, furnished with furs and fairly modern furniture and cooking accessories, is inhabited by Stilgar's mother and his two younger sisters. 

Stilgar also meets his uncle, Gherusk, who chides Stilgar for using too much arcane magic.  Stilgar and Gherusk discuss what his adventuring party has been doing, and what their past is, and Gherusk confides in him that he has traveled widely, and ended up meeting with a group in Anauroch, the Cultists of the Shattered Peak, that he has joined.  He tells Stilgar and his companions to be watchful of the mechanations of the Shadovar.  He give Stilgar a coin that allows him to speak, read, and understand Loross and High Netherese.  Stilgar's mother Arnra asks Stilgar why he hasn't abducted a wife yet.

Stilgar vouches for his Cormyrean companions to the rest of the Mir, and a feast begins.  Stilgar's tribe is well care for in part because of his gold returning home for his mother and sisters.  The clerics from Silverymoon ask about the culture of the Tunlar of Meriden during the feast, not being used to such surroundings.

The next day, all take a vow not to reveal the location of the cave complex to anyone else, and the band begins to travel toward the mountains outside of Cormyr.  The first day out, into the swamp, a huge ooze drake attacks from a sink hole in the marsh.  Stilgar gets savaged by its jaws immediately, and Meriden orders the clerics under his care to fall back while they deal with the beast.  Acid flows off the creatures skin and burns all of them in the fight, but eventually, after a summoned celestial owl and a few successful attacks by the adventurers, the ooze drake falls. 

In the sink hole beneath the creatures body, the remains of a follower of Bane and a follower of Helm are found, along with a magical helm and sword.  Meriden instructs the clerics to make a sledge to carry the body of the Helmite so that they can take it back to the new temple.

The next night, Meriden prays to Helm to allow him to speak with the dead.  The Helmite tells him that he was Helm Graywood in life, and that he was dedicated to wiping out the remaining Banites after the death of their god, and that he fell shortly after the Time of Troubles.  He asks only that Meriden continue his battle against Banites. 

The group enters the Storm Horns, and takes cover to avoid running into a Roc that flies overhead.  The continue on the pass through the mountains, and get near the ravine that leads back down to Skull Crag.  While some of the clerics and the engineer wonder about the village, Meriden remembers that at one time the village had a shrine to Myrkul, and that he would rather avoid the place, and travel on to High Horn. 

At night, while Stilgar is on duty, a grey skinned man with dark hair and black clothing approaches the camp, and introduces himself as Ambassador Borsaelis.  Stilgar calls out to Meriden and Grim, and Meriden approaches the Shadovar agent first.  While Borsaelis discusses the fact that the Shadovar have figured out that it was Meriden and his friends that caused the problems between the city of Shade and Zhentil Keep, he also says that the Shadovar would be interested in obtaining any magic from the elven chronomancer that Meriden had run into, and that if they could provide the magic to the Shadovar, then all could be forgiven.  While this conversation goes on, Grim walks up to the ambassador, and stabs him with the dagger that Semmemon gave them months ago.  The ambassador's body implodes, and shadow bolts shoot out across the camp, nearly killing the young clerics under Meriden's charge.  The ambassador's soul immediately journeys to the Fugue Plane.

In the evening, Meriden meets with a stone giant that wants to be assured of the intentions of the travelers.  While Meriden doesn't make the best impression immediately, Grim manages to talk to the stone giant about his artwork and pointing out that they are not affiliated with the people in Skull Crag.  The stone giant is pleased, and moves on.

A hippogriff rider flies overhead, wearing black and yellow robes.  He dips down low out of the sky, and points a wand at the party.  A fireball shoots down at them, and explodes, once again, nearly killing the young clerics.  Meriden revives one of the clerics, and instructs him to revive another, and have that one do likewise, until all are healed.  He then calls down a pillar of flame in the path of the wizard, burning him and knocking him off of the hippogriff.  When the group finds his body, it and all of the items he carried are too damaged to be of much use.

Meriden casts a spell to keep Graywood's body preserved, and the group meets up with a patrol from High Horn.  The whole group is set up in the caravan hostelry and tells tales to the Purple Dragon knights garrisoned at the fortress.  One of the War Wizards stationed at High Horn offers to teleport the group to Arabel, since he is going there, and the group agrees, so Meriden can visit his family.


Uktar 15th-25th, 1372 DR

The group is teleported to just outside of Myrmeen Lhal's palace in Arabel.  Meriden finds that the shrine to Helm has been rebuilt, and may even be expanded into a full temple, and that his former superior survived the destruction of Tilverton and is back at the shrine.  He gives the new clerics instructions on the Order of He Who Watches Over Travelers. 

The group leaves the city walls and travels to Meriden's family farm.  Meriden's father is happy to see him, as is his mother, and he has to spend time telling stories to his younger siblings, as well as keeping Stilgar from tell stories that might be a bit too much for them to handle.  Meriden tells his father that he has seen his brother with Sir Hunsilver, and fills his father in to what the band has been doing. 

The group travels on toward Mistledale.  After several days of travel, they find the Lancer's watchtower that marks the outer boundary of Mistledale's territory.  Within a day, they stop at Pelden's Helm, and Meriden pays the innkeeper at the Man with Fire in his Hands to put up his clerics, and he instructs his clerics to aid the Lancer patrols in the area until he has further orders for them.

Upon returning to Ashabenford, Meriden pays for a room for  Raesef Illusvar at the White Hart Inn, so that the half-elf will be staying close enough to help plan out the temple.  Then the party returns to Meriden's rented house to rest after a long trip.


Uktar 26th-30th, 1372 DR

Meriden sends messengers with the Riders to further delineate the duties that he has outlined for the clerics, and begins to ask questions of them to aid in a special idea he has about an intelligence gathering branch of the faith, and begins to try and sort out what clerics would be better for this duty than the others.

Meriden also talks with several of the dwarven farmers from Glen that are still looking for work after the last poor growing season, and formally hires those that have stoneworking experience to aid in building the temple.

Stilgar, being relatively restless as well as eager to find out about his child when it is born, asks Meriden to use a sending to contact  Lhoeriath about how she is doing.  He then falls in with the scouts in the Mistledale Militia to help scour the country side of goblins and orcs.

Grim studies his book of fey crossroads, as well as the translations of the various hidden messages that the Deneirath clerics have given him, and makes plans to return to  Silverymoon and the temple of Deneir when the Feast of the Moon is over.

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