Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Nighal 1st 1372DR - Tarsakh 18th 1373DR

Despite the weather, Meriden travels back and forth to Pelden's Helm several times to give directions to his clerics during this time and to further plan for the spring season and the building to take place.  He also receives a sending that tells him a cleric will be arriving from Tsurlagol that will be granting him another rank, pending examination of the preparations of the temple, and will be consecrating the site.

Upon hearing this, Naurvintha decides that Greengrass would be the perfect time for the wedding, that the cleric from Tsurlagol could perform the ceremony after Meriden receives his rank, on the consecrated grounds of the temple.  Meriden agrees, and the two go to Haresk and Imbrautha to finalize plans.  Imbrautha is somewhat put out due to the difficulty of getting messages out, and Haresk is more put out when he realizes that he can get invitations out if he is willing to spend gold for Noristuor to send out some magical messengers.

Although there are fewer patrols in the winter, Stilgar still busies himself by traveling with the militia and looking for wild creatures between Glen, the Sharin Freehold, Ashabenford, and Pelden's Helm.  He will not send another message to Lhoeriath until she contacts him first, but is anxious to hear more about his son.

Using the fey crossroads, Grim travels back to Silverymoon and spends much time in research about Chult in the libraries of the temple of Denier.  Given his shapeshifting powers, he also flies back and forth to the Tower of Lurue on the northwest edge of the Moonwood, aiding them in their patrols as well as spending more time learning about the skills he first practiced at the tower.

Early in Tarsakh the cleric from Tsurlagol arrives and begins consecrating the site, as the dwarves and Raesef get started on construction of the temple.  Haresk receives notice from Sir Evast Huntsilver that he will be bringing members of Meriden's family, and various representatives from the Dalelands send either regards or plans for arriving near to the Greengrass holiday. 

A sending that Meriden cast for Emen alerts her to the wedding, and despite the difficult weather, she begins to travel back from Elturel to Ashabenford.  By sheer coincidence, and much to her consternation, Mourn Ninefingers manages to find her after once again slipping away from his father's watchful eye and traveling through the fey crossroads back to the Dalelands.

Wulgar Browniefriend is unfortunately unavailable, as he is currently in the Great Rift with his future father in law's business interests, but Chorn Stoneturner will be coming to Ashabenford soon to convey both Wulgar and his employer's regards for the wedding and to attend for them.

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